Another week of lockdown is here again…. but at least we have another week of training by our wonderful new Senior PPC Trainer Sam Hood.  Last week’s training saw Sam take the team through a detailed session surrounding smart bidding. However, this week, Sam took the team through one of the most important elements of PPC, Bid Strategy Types. 

Bid Strategy Types: 

  1. Manual Bidding – ECPC.
    Used when wanting to still keep control over your bids whilst testing the waters with automation slightly. Often seen within display, search, shopping & video campaigns.
  2. Target Impression Share.
    Used when you don’t really have a target other than you want to dominate the Google auction with that campaign. Often seen within search campaigns.
  3. Maximise Clicks.
    Used when you’re wanting to just push for as many clicks as possible on your ads (as long as they’re searching for your keywords or variants of your keywords). Often seen within display, search and shopping campaigns.

Many bidding strategies are now smart bidding strategies and with automation becoming so prominent in the PPC world, it is important our team stays up to date with these.

  1. Maximise Conversions.
    Used when you just want to drive as many conversions as possible regardless of a target. Often seen within, display, search and video campaigns.
  2. Maximise Conversion Value.
    Used when you just want to push for as many conversions that are the most valuable in terms of revenue. Commonly used within Search & Smart campaigns.
  3. Target ROAS.
    Used for e-commerce retailers when they have set you a minimum/specific ROAS target. Often in display, search & shopping campaigns.
  4. Target CPA.
    More than likely used on lead-gen clients if they have set you a specific/maximum CPA target within the display, search and video campaigns.

Every week, Sam thinks about the best way to keep the team engaged with the training material, last week we had KAHOOT & this week we had Word Jumble. A short little game before or prior (about the training obviously) puts a smile on everyone’s face… even if Sam is slacking on the prize’s!!

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