Do We Need Written Instructions For A Gas Mask?

How is it February already? Our wonderful PPC Account Manager showed us some of his favourite search term’s from 2021. It really looks like we are finally seeing the impact of COVID in the fashion industry.

I often wonder if this was a lone wolf and the emergence of a new trend, or should clothing store’s start taking note?


What’s that thing called? You know….The one you used to take notes with in school? Back before the internet…Ugh!! It’s on the tip on my tongue!!!

We’ve all felt the effects of social distancing & lockdowns, we crave human interaction like never before….Of course, this impacts everyone differently…..this lonely heart more so than others. 

This individual knew exactly what they wanted when they fired up that browser and loaded up Google. There was no messing about, they meant business! Go big or go home!!!!

Finally, when you’re on your 8th binge of Friends and wonder if there is an alternative friends reality out there…maybe someone produced a Will & Grace version of friends? What if Queer Eye For The Straight Guy had a Keeping Up With Kardashian format?….what would they call it?

*** The disclaimer – As much as we love to find funny search terms as it does give us a laugh, we do take it seriously in making sure they are dealt with accordingly. We complete daily tasks to make sure nothing irrelevant or inappropriate is left.***

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