For this week’s training, Senior PPC Trainer Sam Hood brought in a special guest of Operations Director, Rob Jackson. Last week’s training saw Sam take the team through a detailed session surrounding Bid Strategy Types. However this week, Rob & Sam took the team through Amazon Ads. 

The training included focusing on four main points: 

  • Selling on Amazon. 
  • Getting started with Ads. 
  • Campaign Types. 
  • Sponsored Products.

How to get started with Amazon Ads?
Selling on Amazon is obviously appealing to a lot of businesses, but it isn’t appropriate for everyone. The advertising cost is in addition to the seller fees, therefore businesses should take into consideration if this is something they want to apply. A good understanding of margins and the complete cost of selling products on Amazon before the advertising costs is needed.

Campaign Types:
There are three campaign types that the user can choose between, sponsored products, sponsored brands & sponsored display. However the most popular one, is that off sponsored products. It targets users with the highest intent so often gets the best ROAS.

As stated above, Amazon is a massive platform and therefore it is no wonder that many businesses are getting involved with it. 
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