Reindeers In Jumpers (Well, It Is Cold)

March is finally here, spring is springing and the weather is getting better. Not to mention, lockdown is hopefully coming to an end. So to make that smile even bigger on your face, PPC Executive Harry has put forward his favourite search terms from this month.

Not even Finland can escape the clutches of COVID-19, and so they invented a new sport to pass the time and keep spirits up amid lockdown. Those poor reindeer. 

Was this a human seeking surgery for the sagging skin under their neck or a bird with a sore throat? I suppose we will never know. 

For many, the highlight of February is definitely Valentine’s Day and this individual certainly had their priorities in order.  Most dream of chocolates, flowers, cakes, romantic gestures & date night. Don’t get caught slipping with an unkept nether region on February 14th, guys. 


*** The disclaimer – As much as we love to find funny search terms as it does give us a laugh, we do take it seriously in making sure they are dealt with accordingly. We complete daily tasks to make sure nothing irrelevant or inappropriate is left.***

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