3 New Features For Google Ads Display Campaigns

Earlier this week Google revealed three new features designed to help Google Ads advertisers reach new customers.

The first update includes fine-tuned audience expansion. Here, advertisers can use this targeting expansion option to maximise audience reach in order to “drive more conversions a the same average cost-per-acquisition”.

In addition to this, Google announced the introduction of dynamic prospecting with product feeds. Instead of displaying product ads based on what visitors viewed on your site, dynamic prospect ads display products based on users past interactions on sites within the Google Network. This feature makes extensive use of machine learning to make informed decisions and matches products that are most relevant to users interests.

Finally, the last feature Google revealed was auto-generated custom intent segments. For several years, audiences have been catching up to the importance of keywords, especially in display campaigns. With this feature, Google uses the most common keywords and URLs used by typical users to automatically create and refresh custom intent audiences.

It comes as no surprise to us that the three new features are fueled by machine learning in some way or another. We can anticpate that any future patterns will follow in similar footsteps.

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