5 New Automated Features Of Google Ads

The new updates within Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, allow advertisers to further improve results.




Google has introduced new automated features that deliver improved results whilst requiring less work and maintenance.

The first update, named ‘Smart Campaigns’, is designed to bring advertisers dramatically better results. They have been purposefully designed to be the default campaign type for new advertisers. They are almost entirely automated based on the advertiser’s goal, including every feature such as campaign ad creation, audience targeting, and ad delivery.

Universal app campaigns are another automated campaign type that helps advertisers achieve more installs of their app. Once these campaigns have been set up, they require very little maintenance.

The third feature is goal-optimised shopping campaigns that have also been designed to make it easier for retailers to get started with Shopping Ads. Google has explained that this ad format is now responsible for over 60% of all clicks on Google for online retailers.

Automated bidding is an additional feature within Google Ads that exists to help advertisers reach a variety of business goals whilst needing minimal work. To do this, Google makes use of smart bidding, whereby the search engine utilises machine learning to predict which clicks are most likely to drive conversions and conversion value.

The final automated feature is dynamic search ads. These are great for advertisers with large sites selling lots of different products as it can often be difficult to constantly update search ads. Here, dynamic search ads solve the problem by using Google’s organic index to serve relevant ads to relevant queries.


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