5 Ways Exit Intent Overlays Can Benefit Your PPC Campaign

Guest Post | 15.06.17

Exit intent overlays can help increase website conversions in a number of ways, one of most useful is your PPC campaigns.  We have teamed up with conversion optimisation experts Salesfire to get some inside hints and tips on overlay technology.

It happens all the time, you dedicate a great deal of time and money to create the perfect PPC campaign, one that best entices your audience to click through and visit your site, only to have them bounce and leave.  No matter how well targeted your PPC ads are, some visitors will arrive on your site and will either not find what they are looking for or will not be ready to commit.

These visitors shouldn’t be overlooked, especially since you have paid to get them to your site in the first place. Analysing your PPC campaigns will help you identify the keywords that are influencing users to click your ad but will not show if these users are responding to your landing pages effectively.

If it’s revealed that a landing page isn’t relevant for associated keywords then this traffic could be costly, by introducing exit intent overlays that reveal a relevant message when a user gestures to leave, you have the opportunity to retain them

What Are Exit Intent Overlays?

An exit intent overlay is a uniquely designed graphic that appears in the same window a visitor was browsing. They are triggered when a cursor is near to closing down the tab or browser. These are ideal for communicating your brand’s message and can gain useful data – such as an email address for further contact or feedback to work on.

Exit Intent Overlays

How Can Exit Intent Overlays Help Me?:

Exit Intent overlays can be used in a number of different ways to bolster your PPC campaigns. we have included our 5 best below:

  1. Build Your Email List
    Asking for an email address allows you to communicate your brand’s messaging in the future. Don’t have visitors leave at this stage and never return, engage with them and increase conversions – awarding a discount will bring back the best return on email capture.
  1. Bring In High Quality Leads

Enquiry Overlays

Your end goal is to bring visitors through your ad to buy, however, there are instances when there needs to be more involvement in the sale, such as bespoke items or high value products. If a visitor cannot communicate their specific requirement, you may face them leaving and going with a competitor. Displaying a lead generation form grants you a steady flow of ‘individual’ queries that can be converted.

  1. Offer Discounts To Convert
    Sometimes visitors will leave your site because they just aren’t ready to buy at that stage. They may just be researching the product and its average cost. Offering a discount code when intent to leave has been proven to increase the likelihood of converting at that point.
  1. Tempt Them With Alternatives

Up Selling Overlays

Reaching a landing page from a specific keyword is fantastic, however, a small amount of traffic that clicks through your ad may find unrelated content e.g out of stock in a specific size or colour. In this instance, exit intent overlays would be suitable to promote relating content that compliments the page category to retain your newly acquired users.

  1. Capture All Levels Of Traffic
    When you cannot warrant individual landing pages for smaller traffic levels, overlays are a terrific solution to stop users bouncing. By analysing the page search query data and incorporating them into an exit intent overlay you are able to satisfy and curve the number of potential abandoning users.

Overlays are a great way to increase conversions on your site and can be utlised in a variety of ways to strengthen your PPC campaigns and increase conversions. Ensuring that you get the most out of the paid traffic to your site by reducing abandonment and increasing conversion.


Salesfire focus on providing a suite of products – including exit intent overlays – to help convert your website visitors into customers. Boasting an average return of £24 for every £1 spent*, the company now works with over 100 customers to influence their customer’s purchases.


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