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All About Mabo

We are a PPC specialist agency who have a hunger and drive to deliver highly efficient and high performing PPC advertising on behalf of our clients.

Mabo was set up in 2013 by Lee Mableson who wanted to help change the pay per click industry for the better. From the 10 years plus Lee has spent managing paid search advertising on behalf of clients, too many times he has seen accounts handled by agencies, but poorly. Mabo Media wants to change this and educate online retailers early enough that PPC advertising works and it can generate a good return if managed properly, by a specialist agency.

The key noun there is “specialist”. Quite often online retailers will opt for an agency that can offer a full in-house solution. We do not do that, nor do we believe that is the right way for PPC advertisers to go.

Our aim is to be the BEST and biggest PPC agency in the UK. We can only achieve that by continuing to be at the forefront of every single development in this ever-changing industry. If we continue delivering the results for our clients (see our case studies for more) then this target will soon become a reality.

We are true PPC specialists

We are only a handful of agencies in the UK that have all 5 of Google’s specialisations.

YouTube video advertising

Google shopping advertising

Standard search advertising

Google mobile advertising

Google display advertising

Our Ethics

Our ethics are very important to us an agency. It is the moral compass that we base our whole attitude on as an agency.

We act responsibly on behalf of our clients managing their budgets and expectations when delivering our PPC Management service.

Our passion is evident to all our clients when we manage their PPC advertising. To be the best, you have to be passionate about what you do.

Our team are on hand to assist you every step of the way. You have access to their direct dial, email addresses so you can contact them about anything in relation to your advertising.

Honesty is very important to Mabo Media. From the first time we speak to a client throughout their time with Mabo, we offer 100% honest and impartial advice.

You have to be. PPC advertising is one of the most important marketing channels for any business, so a professional attitude when speaking with the client and managing the account is an absolute must.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

To start the ball rolling with us all you need to do is fill out the below contact form which will go straight through to our paid search consultancy team who will be able to explain in more detail how Mabo can help with your PPC advertising.

Concerned your campaigns are under-performing? Want to maximise conversions, remove waste and improve your return on investment? We can show you how we get the most from Google Ads Advertising.


Get your PPC advertising done proper.

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