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A Team Of PPC Professionals. Done Proper.

The names, faces and personalities behind Mabo Media. A bunch of PPC professionals looking to make a difference in the world of PPC advertising.

Lee Mableson
Managing Director & Shumper Enthusiast

I am the owner and founder of Mabo Media. I decided to start this agency as I wanted to make a difference in this industry. I wanted to deliver a high end PPC management service for clients that was also very affordable. We have managed to do that and we will continue to do so for as long as there is a need for our service.

Outside of Mabo, I love spending quality time with my family and testing the versatility of Spam in the kitchen.

Rob Jackson
Head of Paid Search & Grammar

I head up our team of PPC account managers, so I am responsible for overseeing the work we deliver to our clients as well as training our new and existing staff in all things PPC.

I joined Mabo as the first official employee in 2014 having previously managed a PPC team at another agency and been an Account Manager before that, so I have particular appreciation for how far we’ve come and a real pride in making sure the core values of putting clients first we had in those early days are instilled in everyone we’ve taken on since.

Dean Yates
Head of R&D
& List Lover

Technology is my game.

I have the best job in the world because it allows me to cultivate creativity throughout the company, develop & deliver new technology and make hundreds of lists. Keeping Mabo at the forefront of the paid media industry, streamlining processes and innovating with my team are the highlights of my day.

Prior to working in research and development I served as an aeronautical engineer before moving into PPC management – a natural career progression I am sure you will agree. As both of those roles are heavily focused on efficiency, data analysis and problem solving, R&D was always going to be a destination for me.

You won’t find me outside of work unless looking under rocks or we come into contact in an online gaming community. In my spare time I enjoy studying psychology particularly psychographics & watching David Attenborough documentaries (I’ve met him in person!).

James Lees
Head of Marketing & Ideas Machine

I oversee all of the marketing activity undertaken by the agency & organise any internal & external events & expos. I have worked in the digital sector since 2004 & I love this industry. The ever changing landscape & growing channels means you have to be constantly adapting to stay ahead of the game. It is never boring & you are always learning.

I joined Mabo Media because of the vision Lee Mableson had for changing the PPC management landscape for the better from right here in Teesside. As a proud Teessider this resonated with me a lot.

Outside of work I am a bit of a football & music stato. I love to try & persuade people to my way of thinking which I always feel is the right way. I can often be seen stood in the Riverside stadium crying into my hands after another season of disappointment.

Craig Griffiths
Head of Sales & Beverage Consistency Manager

I look after the Business Development team as well as carrying out client consultations within their Paid Search accounts, highlighting potential areas for improvement and how Mabo Media can assist them. I have worked within sales and customer service for 14 years in a business to business setting and enjoy providing the solutions for whatever problems they may have. It is an ever changing industry and helping Mabo Media stay ahead of the curve is the thing I enjoy most.

I also make sure we stay topped up with coffee, tea, sugar and milk to keep the team going!

Outside of work I am a happily married man, frustrated Middlesbrough FC fan and craft ale enthusiast.

Glen Barker
PPC Account Manager & Pride of Teesside

I look after some of our clients’ accounts and do what I can to make them happy and to get the most out of their paid search advertising. I started at Mabo as an apprentice straight from college and have been moulded in the Mabo way to become a fully qualified PPC account manager.

Everyday is different in this industry which definitely suits me and makes me very excited for the future!

Outside of Mabo’s PPC fortress I love visiting new places, The Mighty Boro (love/hate relationship), going on holiday and being with my mates.

Jon Colman
Senior PPC Account Manager & Collector Of Uni Friends

I am responsible for managing my clients paid search advertising, including AdWords & Bing & YouTube Advertising. I studied business at college and really enjoyed the marketing modules, I then went and studied Marketing & Advertising at Teesside University.

I love being in this industry because it allows us to help be a driving force in the success of businesses and it’s constantly changing nature means that I am always learning & developing.

Away from the office I play Rugby, Football & Golf. I also really like seeing live music & travelling. So, in the summer I will usually being heading away with friends to see some music and have a few beers in the sun.

Phoebe Holford
Senior PPC Account Manager & Accidental Hipster

Before Mabo I studied History at Edinburgh University and had numerous other jobs including working in mental health. My role now is as a PPC account manager. This for me means performing regular day-to-day tasks as well as seeking out innovative ways to improve, grow and optimise my clients’ accounts. I love the variety of working on accounts that span dozens of different sectors and becoming an expert in specific products and industries, comes in handy at pub quizzes! When I’m not at work I like going to comedy clubs, checking out anywhere that’ll do me a decent Parmo, visiting friends across the UK and using – and abusing – my new Annual pass to the Historic Royal Palaces.

Matthew Soakell
PPC Account Manager & Hummus Enthusiast

My role is managing client’s accounts and improving the results in their accounts, whilst maintaining a good relationship with the client. I also speak at events on behalf of Mabo Media and you can find me at various events up and down the country, either speaking, helping on the stands or sometimes even both. Previous I worked for a music production library where my role was marketing assistant.

Working here at Mabo is awesome and this line of work is great, as are the people I get to work with. It’s really cool doing something you enjoy everyday, whether that’s making a difference in an account and optimising it to be the best it can be, speaking and meeting with clients or being busy at events.

Outside of work I enjoy watching my beloved Norwich City, although I’m certain I don’t enjoy watching more often than I do. Being a Norwich City fan from these parts is always fun to explain and I hate it when we play Middlesbrough because I’m either heavily outnumbered when we get beat, or on my own to rub it in when we win! I’m a massive football fan in general so you’ll find me playing it or watching fairly often, and when I’m not playing football I’m probably playing drums; not that I’m any good though!

Laura Hodgson
Social Media Executive
& Cat Woman

Honestly…my job title doesn’t do my actual role(s) justice. From managing Paid Social Media accounts to doing the odd bit of graphic design work here and there, work at Mabo doesn’t stop! But that’s what I enjoy most about working here, is every day is different and I’m constantly learning and adapting to the ever changing digital industry.

Away of Mabo it’s all about cats, family, friends and food… in that order.

Chris Macdonald
PPC Account Manager & James Cook Hospital Resident

I joined Mabo Media after studying towards a Business Management degree at Teesside University.

On a daily basis I manage Adwords accounts on behalf of my clients to help drive traffic through to their websites and increase their online presence. I thoroughly enjoy building a rapport with my clients and believe communication is the key to success in any industry.

Outside of work, my passion is football, and following my hometown club of Burnley. Although I do enjoy the odd Saturday morning playing golf and wishing I could hit the ball straight.

Stephen Cumberworth
PPC Account Manager & Jetsetter

I look for ways to enhance the performance of my clients paid search accounts by constantly looking for opportunities to optimise results. My experience at university where I did business management, helps me look at the wider business picture.

I love working in this industry because I can see direct results of the work we are doing and the positive impact it can have on a business… it’s also a really fun place to work because everyone here is enthusiastic about working towards the same goals, and there are always new features to trial.

Outside of work I enjoy getting out and about and seeing new things & places…I have more than enough (I’m told!) trips planned over the next few years. I also really enjoy the usual like going to cinema, football & general socialising.

Caroline Lambert, Mabo Media

Caroline Lambert
PPC Account Manager & Noodle Lover

I oversee the day-to-day tasks of my assigned clients and make sure their accounts are as optimised as I can possibly make them.

Working within the digital advertising industry is both a fun and exciting one as the job is never fully done; there are always things to do – the way people search for products and services is forever changing, and as an account manager, I constantly have to be adapting and learning from the way in which people search, and using the information I have learned to tailor my client’s advertising to meet their customer’s needs.

Outside of work I am a bit of a foodie. I love to try new places to eat and I love to try food I have never had before. Great for the taste buds, not so much for the waistline.

Jenny Dunn
PPC Account Manager & Wheat Field Runner

I am currently learning how to manage clients PPC accounts whilst updating content, writing blogs and social posts. I am graduating from a 3 year long course at Teesside university in Web and Multimedia (BSC.)
Mabo is a relaxed place to work, everyone is happy and welcoming. Straight away you feel comfortable around each member of staff. But the thing I like the most about Mabo is that they care; they care about their staff and they care about their clients.

My hobbies include horse riding, I have been riding since I was 5 years old and have owned horses since I was 10. In my spare time I train in taekwondo, competing at a national level and occasionally pretend that I can run further than to the fridge. Other hobbies include excessive drinking of rum and cooking more food than necessary.

Sam Hood
Junior PPC Account Manager & Chief Lightbulb Changer

My role at Mabo Media involves working alongside the PPC Account Managers helping with the everyday management of our clients Adwords accounts, tasks include creating new ads for ad testing and anything I can help with to keep the accounts running smoothly.

I joined Mabo Media because I was interested in digital marketing and how it all works. I knew I would get job satisfaction out of this role as you get to see results for something you have helped contribute towards.

Outside of work I like to go out and socialise with my friends and often do a variety of activities.

Linford Robinson
Business Development & Speed Talker

My priority is to assist the company in acquiring new customers, finding out what their goals are, helping them take the first step in the right direction and making sure this process runs as smoothly as possible.

Working within the digital advertising industry is both fun and exciting. On a day to day basis you are always speaking with different people about different topics due to business owners needs that are forever changing. Everyday is a school day in my role of work, and being able to overcome all the challenges in front of you leaves you with a great sense of achievement.

Outside of work I love to do a bit of boxing, taking part in a couple of boxing bouts for charity. To get myself out the house I really enjoy taking the dog for walks up the hills and going as far as my legs will take me.


Kelly Miller
Business Development & Changing Lives Through Coffee

My role as a business development executive involves calling a variety of companies to promote our PPC reviews to help clients get the best return on their AdWords spend, building a rapport with potential customers and ensuring the beginning of their journey with us is a positive one.

There is always something new to learn and no two days are every the same. I like speaking to new people and love that we are helping them to grow their business.

I have 2 children so I spend most of my free time with them, if they aren’t with me then I like to catch up with friends and visit new places.

Gaby Russell
Business Development & Resident Vegan

I’m part of the Business Development team here at Mabo and I spend my day speaking to businesses and setting up our free consultations. I have worked in pretty much every AdWords based role in my previous experience so it’s really rewarding getting to share my knowledge and help businesses on a day-to-day basis.

I spend most of my spare time outdoors and I love an adventure – I have a serious case of wanderlust.

I’m also super into dinosaurs, space and being the token office veggie.

Simon Pettett
Junior Marketing Assistant & Austin Powers Lookalike

I assist with the marketing activities carried out throughout the company, this includes some video production, design work and general internal marketing. Everyday you get something different to create and learn so there’s no opportunity for a boring time at Mabo

Joining Mabo was due to its work ethic; you’re accepted, well looked after and you always get out what you put in. Not many places offer such a refreshing work life.

Personally I’m kind of a film buff and I love doing a bit of photography too.

Matthew Jones
Junior PPC Account Manager & Head of Briefcases

I’m part of the PPC Account Management team, we are responsible for looking after our client’s AdWords accounts.

I joined Mabo to pursue my passion for marketing after initially gaining basic experience in this industry. This line of work is something that I enjoy doing and it’s always good doing something you love.

Outside of work, you’ll usually find me listening to Metallica or following Formula One both on the TV & social media.

Tom Green PPC Account Manager

Tom Green
PPC Account Manager & Dad Joke King

My job at Mabo Media is to manage the paid search advertising on behalf of our clients. I have been managing PPC accounts on behalf of advertisers for over three years now and I absolutely love this industry.

Pay Per Click is an ever changing and evolving industry which means I am always learning new ways in which I can develop my skills and help transform the businesses I work with.

During my spare time I like to go to Middlesbrough matches, watch ice hockey and follow James Lees on social media.


Paisleigh Hagan

Paisleigh Hagan
PPC Account Manager & Our Second Vegan

I am currently learning the ins and outs of how to manage PPC Accounts. I joined Mabo after studying History at Newcastle University. After deciding to go in to PPC Management I knew I needed to work somewhere that could teach me all there is to know. As soon as I Joined Mabo I knew I had found the right place! The team is supportive, knowledgeable and passionate about what they do.

Outside of work music is my passion. Nothing makes me happier than going to gigs & festivals! I also love photography and travelling.


Richard Graham

Richard Graham
PPC Account Manager & Lover Of Peanuts

At Mabo I work alongside fellow PPC Account Managers, contributing to the exceptional standard of work,
with the everyday management of clients Adwords accounts.

Before delving into the world Of PPC Marketing, I studied English at Teesside University.
Here I developed excellent written and verbal communication skills and read enough books for one life time.

Outside Of Work I enjoy watching movies and TV shows, online gaming and spending time with family and friends.

Joe Foley

Joe Foley
PPC Account Manager & Proud Scouser

At Mabo I manage pay per click advertising on behalf of our clients. I have worked in the PPC industry since 2015 and I absolutely love it.

The knowledge of knowing you have helped your client earn more money through the work you have done is an amazing feeling. Before coming to Mabo Media I managed PPC advertising at another agency for just over two years.

Outside Of Work I enjoy watching Coronation Street, playing football, watching my beloved Liverpool and repeating myself due to my very strong Scouse accent.

Adam Petson

Adam Petson
Business Development Executive

Hi my name is Adam, I’m part of (and sadley for me the oldest member) of the business development team. I have worked in Digial Marketing since 2013 after making a career move from over ten years in the business banking sector. I decided after the financial crash that I wanted to take my experience and apply it to something new, exciting and above all enjoyable. I love seeing the rewards that a well stuctured paid search strategy can bring to our clients and have been fortunate enough to be part of helping many of these ideas come to fruition.
When I’m not found hanging round the ‘reduced price yellow sticker’ area of my local supermarkets, I’m trying to develop my spiritual connection with all things ‘positive’ and ‘mindful’ and generally living life to the fullest. Bucketlist entries now include a skydive, swimming on a coral reef and inventing a cure for morning grumpiness.

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