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Our PPC Account Managers are the lifeblood of Mabo. These are the guys that consistently deliver fantastic results for our clients on a regular basis. We want to give you an idea into what goes on, on a regular day in the life of our PPC account managers. What their responsibilities are and how they go about their job.


Bid Management

Whether it be search or shopping Bid Management is probably the most important part of what we do. Optimising the bids allows us to control the quality of the traffic coming through to get the best performance by pushing bids up where traffic is good and pulling up away from the traffic that isn’t performing well enough.

Bid Adjustments

This is where we have the ability drill into the most depth in terms of data analysis. We can set bid adjustments for how people have interacted with your website previously. Basically, we’ll adjust for; where (locations), when (ad schedule), who (demographics), on what device (device) and have they bought before (audiences).


With any advertising there will always be wastage, adding negatives to PPC Campaigns allows us to minimise the amount of wastage from your Paid Advertising and make it as streamlined as possible.


Expansion is about control. From a search perspective, this is adding in any relevant search terms so we can then control the bid. If we just let the search term trigger from where it is coming in we can’t control the bid to the same depth, so adding relevant keywords is vital for search to perform. With shopping it’s making sure the ID’s are added the shopping campaigns. If the shopping campaign doesn’t have every ID added it will mean that you cannot judge each individual product on its own performance data. So, the performance will always suffer is the shopping isn’t fully broken down fully in the initial strategy and if this task isn’t completed to maintain the structure of the shopping campaign it will struggle to be effective.

Reporting & Analysis

Analysis and strategic planning is imperative to understanding how an account can perform to its best. Therefore, on a monthly basis we will send a month report to the client as a standard, more often if needed; with the goal of showing how the account has performed under our management and spot any potential issue like season trends and dips by year on year analysis to guide our future strategy.


They always fit time into their working week (daily if possible) for learning, research and development. PPC is an ever changing landscape so it is vitally important that our account managers stay up to date with any developments in the industry.

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