Advertisers Can Now Use LinkedIn Category Data For Bing Search Targeting

The latest update to Bing Ads means that advertisers are now able to leverage data from LinkedIn across Text Ads, Shopping Ads, and most Bing Search products.

Ever since Microsoft bought LinkedIn, Bing advertisers have been keen to take advantage of its audience data. Earlier this year, advertisers were given some access to LinkedIn targeting audience data, now it is available to all Bing advertisers.

According to Bing, using data from LinkedIn categories of the company, job function and industry will make their advertising more efficient and precise. In the official release of the update the search engine explained:

“We are making this easy for our clients to get started right away through the Bing Ads platform using familiar campaign creation and management tools. To start we’re offering bid-only targeting, with exclusions coming soon. It works across text ads, shopping, and basically all Bing search products”

At the moment, this update is only available in the US, however, we are expecting it to be mirrored in the UK in the not so distant future.

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