AdWords Quality Score To Be Affected By Mobile Site Speed

Recently Google has announced that mobile site speed will be a determining factor in awarding quality score to AdWords advertisers. This algorithm change is due to be launched in July 2018.

Quality score is a huge factor in determining ad rank. Now Google is looking to add an extra element to ranking your quality score out of ten, mobile site speed. Whilst Google’s Quality Score has always taken site speed into consideration, this is the first time it has specifically filtered out site speed on a mobile device.

If Google is going to continue to not just retain, but grow their overall search engine market share globally, they are going to have to ensure that usability levels are as high as possible for their AdWords advertisers. Any folk in the PPC or SEO space will be well aware site speed is an important factor in search engine rankings, more specifically for PPC, Ad Rank is affected by site speed.

Thankfully ourselves and our clients are well aware of the importance of mobile site speed and usability due to our inclusion in Google’s Vanguard Programme in 2017.  This exclusive programme (we ’re 1 of only 10 agencies worldwide!) gave ourselves and our clients access to Google’s in-house expertise to help them improve the performance of their website on mobile. A case study based on this is available to view here.

The Next Steps

First of all, you need to check the speed and performance of your website, you can do this using Google’s brand new Mobile Speed tool. If you receive a low score from that tool then we advise our clients to use This will detail what elements of your website are taking the longest to load so you can take steps to rectify them.

Maile Ohye, from Google, said this earlier this year:

2 seconds is the threshold for ecommerce website acceptability. At Google, we aim for under a half second.

If your site speed is much slower than 2 seconds, then speak with your web developers to see how they can help you.

half a second site soeed

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