All you need to know about new Adhesion Ads


Ever since display advertising became mainstream in pay-per-click advertising there have been a range of different advertising units introduced, the latest is known as the adhesion advert.

Adhesion adverts are the latest ad unit to be introduced to pay-per-click. The adhesion adverts are ads located towards the bottom of a web browser. They are ‘sticky’ ads, meaning the advert is visible and anchored at the bottom of the screen, regardless of the web user scrolling. Essentially, this guarantees greater exposure for the advertiser, resulting in a larger number of clicks.

Adhesion ads

There is not much flexibility around the sizing of the ads, as adhesion adverts stick to horizontal adverts. Arguably, adhesion ads can be slightly intrusive by taking up space and decreasing user experience as more space is covered by ads. However, the advert can be closed by the user on the desktop, allowing the reader to view the content of the website that is underneath it.

Potential problems aside, however, advertisers can yield great results from adhesion ads, including increased revenue and improved exposure.

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