Amazon Has Stopped Bidding On Product Listing Ads


Reports indicate that Shopping Campaigns on Amazon slowed after the end of Q1 and stopped abruptly on April 28th.

google and amazon 

After a year and a half of running Google Shopping campaigns, Amazon has finally decided to stop bidding on product listing ads. Digital marketing business, Merkle, reports that Amazon’s shopping campaigns had started to deteriorate towards the end of Q1. From then, the campaigns completely disappeared on the 28th April from the Auction Insights reports, with no Amazon product listing ads (PLAs) displaying since.

Amazon’s most consistent and valued presence within Google Shopping campaigns was the ‘home goods’ product category. Businesses selling products such as furniture, office supplies and novelty gifts will be most heavily influenced by this change

Nobody knows whether Amazon is stopping Shopping campaigns for good, or whether they are just taking a break.



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