Bing Ads Allows Language Targeting At Campaign Level

The latest update within Bing Ads means advertisers can now target multiple languages at campaign level.

Bing Ads

Before the update, Bing Ads only allowed for language targeting at ad group level; meaning settings had to be transferred through to different ad groups. This also created issues when advertisers were wanting to import campaigns from Google Ads to Bing Ads, as the settings were not in alignment between the two search engine advertising platforms. Allowing for language targeting at campaign level brings Bing Ads targeting capabilities in line with those of Google Ads, making campaign imports easier.

Advertisers are still able to set up language targeting at the ad group level, which will override the campaign settings. However, for advertisers wanting to set up campaign-level targeting, follow the steps below;

  1. Select the languages from the 12 supported languages in campaign settings.
  2. Within ad group settings, select ‘Use campaign settings for language targeting’.

It is worth noting that advertisers are able to make use of bulk editing to change language settings across multiple campaigns and ad groups.

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