Bing Ads Editor Introduces New Features For Mac And Windows Users


The latest update for Bing Ads Editor for Mac and Windows introduces new time-saving features for advertisers.

bing ads

Bing Ads have introduced label management within Editor for Mac. This allows search marketers to organise and structure their accounts in a way that is tailored and meaningful to them, so they can filter and identify results, ultimately making changes faster. Labels can be created in the shared library section and applied at any level of the campaign right in Ads Editor.

For Windows, Bing Ads have launched structured snippet management as an additional tool in text ads that allows advertisers to formulate lists of one category. As with labels, there is now a dedicated section within the shared library section of Editor, where structured snippet extensions can be created, implemented and managed. This feature is currently only available on Windows but will be introduced to Mac in the near future.

On both Mac and Windows, Bing Ads have introduced the option to bulk undo changes. This is extremely useful when advertisers need to remove several changes they have just made. Additionally, there is now the option to revert back to the original version of the ad copy, effectively undoing any changes made within that session. To do this, the option can be found under the ‘Revert’ section in the latest version of Bing Ads Editor.

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