Bing Ads Editor Introduces Support For Account Level Ad Extensions


Bing now allows users to manage account level ad extension associations from Bing Ads Editor.

In September 2017, Bing Ads launched account level ad extensions, allowing advertisers to add extensions across campaigns within their account. Bing have now announced a new feature that supports managing account level ad extensions from Bing Ads Editor.

Bing have started by offering the ability to specifically manage Callout Extensions. This means advertisers are now able to associate account level ad extensions in the Editor.

Here’s what it looks like:

Account Level Ad Extensions

Although a new feature, like shared library updates, account level ad extension associations are always posted regardless of which campaigns are selected. It’s also worth noting that account level association will be disregarded if campaign/ ad group level associations exist.

Bing assures users that they will continue to provide support for account level ad extensions and we can expect support for other extensions at the account level to be rolling out soon.

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