Bing Ads Improve Custom Audiences Targeting

LiveRamp integrates with Bing Ads to bring its search targeting features to the search engine.

bing ads live ramp

Bing Ads has joined forces with LiveRamp to deliver improved search targeting features for advertisers. LiveRamp is a provider of identity resolution services, meaning advertisers using Bing can utilise “people-based search capabilities” within Bing Custom Audiences.

This integration now allows Bing Ads Custom Audiences to target and retarget search ads at an individual level. For search marketers, this means that they can distribute the same segments used for Google Customer Match to Bing Ads.

Existing Bing Ads users who are interested in making use of Bing Custom Audiences with LiveRamp can take advantage of this feature by logging into their Connect account, entering their Bing Account details and selecting their audience.

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