Bing Ads Introduce ‘Flyers’

The latest update to Bing Ads has seen the introduction of a ‘Flyers’ pilot.

‘Flyers’ also known as Flyer Extensions, are a new feature available to Bing advertisers within the Bing Ads interface. They are designed to help advertisers display their best deals/ products to users and take shape in three different ways:

1 – Flyer Extensions

Flyer Extensions are displayed next to your Text Ads and are designed to visually promote advertisers best deals.

2 – Flyer Product Ads

Advertisers are only able to make use of Flyer Product Ads if their Bing Merchant Centre is linked up. In this instance, Flyer Product Ads are used for more specific search queries.

3 – Flyer Product Carousel

Similarly to Flyer Product Ads, advertisers must have their Bing Merchant Centre linked up. However, this type of Flyer would be used on more generic search queries including “best deals” etc.

In terms of reporting and billing, you will be charged a cost-per-click and receive standard reporting for ad performance. At the moment, Flyer Extensions are only available within the US, however, should it prove to be successful, we should see a similar model mirrored in wider markets.

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