Bing Ads Introduce Two New Bidding Strategies

Following the latest update, a campaign in Bing Ads now only needs a minimum of 15 conversions over the past 30 days to be eligible for either Target CPA or Maximise Conversions bidding strategies.

Bing Ads Introduce Two New Bidding Strategies

On Monday, Bing revealed that automated bidding strategies, Target CPA and Maximise Conversions have now become widely available.

The Target CPA bidding strategy allows the advertiser to generate conversions at the average CPA set at the campaign level. This means a maximum CPC (cost-per-click) for added bidding control can also be determined.

The Maximise Conversions bid strategy is in place to generate the maximum number of conversions as the campaign’s budget will allow. Within this, there’s also the option to determine a maximum CPC.

To make use of both bidding strategies, the Bing Ads account must have Universal Event Tracking implemented for conversion tracking. To help inform your decision Bing Ads have devised a comparison chart to help advertisers understand the different bid strategy options.

Bing Ads Introduce Two New Bidding Strategies

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