Bing Ads Launch In-Market Audiences


After being in pilot for several months, Bing has finally made the decision to introduce In-market Audiences to all US advertisers using Bing Ads.


Last Tuesday, bing announced that In-Market Audiences were to be available in the US, after piloting the feature last year. In-Market Audiences are groups of users determined to be actively in the market for a particular product or service. There are over 170 audiences determined to be in buy mode, varying across multiple different industries including retail, travel, and financial services.

Bing explains during the pilot stages of the feature, participants saw up to 28% higher click-through rates and up to 48% higher conversion rates in comparison to ads without In-Market Audiences.

Although this feature is only currently available in the US, due to its previous success it’s suspected that it won’t be long until it becomes available in the UK.

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