Bing Ads Launch New Machine Learning-Powered Insights

New updates to Bing Ads include a Competition Tab, Performance Insights and Location Recommendations.

Bing Ads Launch New Machine Learning-Powered Insights

Competition Tab
This reporting tab displays an overview of how the ad account has performed in comparison to competition over time. Within this, the recommendations tab offers suggestions that advertisers can take to improve results. Here, the suggestions and results are based on the ads within the account and its competitors.

Performance Insights
These performance insights within Bing Ads are indicated with a light bulb icon, showcased within the performance charts on the campaign tab. When the icon is clicked, advertisers will be shown information about questionable performance and given advice on how to amend it. Bing explain that they have adopted machine learning to advertisers campaigns to understand their typical performance characteristics, so advertisers can easily identify when unusual activity is taking place in their account.

Location Targeting Recommendations
Wherever advertisers can manage location targets in Bing Ads, the platform will suggest locations that similar advertisers have had success targeting. This is the first update of its kind within Bing Ads, whereby insights and recommendations are based on the best-performing advertisers that are similar to the individual’s ad account.

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