Bing Ads Launch Performance Targets

Advertisers can now monitor how campaigns are performing against performance targets in the Bing Ads Interface.

Bing Ads Launch Performance Targets

Bing Ads has introduced a new AI-powered tool designed to let advertisers set and track performance targets on campaign groupings in a new dashboard.

Performance Targets allow advertisers to…

  • Understand how each of your campaigns are contributing to performance targets.
  • See an overview of performance targets history and period-over-period trends.
  • Evaluate whether you are on track by comparing targets to actual and forecast performance trends.
  • View a prediction of campaign performance towards those targets.
  • Implement weekly or monthly targets for spend, clicks, and CPC for specific groups of campaigns.

To set up Performance Targeting in Bing Ads, follow the steps below:

Performance Targets link → Click “Create Performance Target” → Enter a name for the Performance Target → Select a group of campaigns to monitor → Choose a time period → Create metrics to track.

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