Bing Ads New Targeting Feature

Bing Ads introduce in-market audiences designed to target buyers that are ready to make a purchase.

Bing Ads New Targeting Feature

Bing Ads have launched ‘in-market audiences’, a new intent-based audience targeting option for campaigns. These audiences are designed to target users that Bing has determined as being ready to proceed with a purchase.

In-market audiences follow the common theme of automation that is emerging within search. Bing utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to collate audience lists of users who have demonstrated signals of purchase intent towards one of the categories available within the advertiser’s portfolio. The signals of purchase intent take into consideration factors such as searches, clicks and page views.

It is anticipated that Bing Ads will continue to increase the number of in-market audience categories available to advertisers, providing more opportunities within both shopping and search campaigns.

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