Bing Ads Now Support Longer Text Ads

In the latest Bing Ads Update, advertisers can now include a 3rd headline and 2nd description in text ads.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads ads now support a third headline and second description, meaning advertisers can now import their longer ads from Google Ads or create new ones in Bing Ads.

Within this format, the ad copy appears in the order that you write the headlines and descriptions. The headlines can be up to 30 characters long and the descriptions can be up to 90 characters. These new, longer ads have no new name, and should hopefully help advertisers gain a competitive advantage against their competition.

This new ad format allows advertisers to offer a Black Friday promotion extension that only targets specific keywords. The keywords included in this are:

  • Black Friday < Product Name > Deals
  • Black Friday < Company Name > Deals
  • Black Friday Deals

The same applies to the above when ‘Black Friday’ is replaced with ‘Cyber Monday’.

This Black Friday promotion extension can be easily applied to existing ads and will show at the top of search results, as part of the ads that have promotion extensions.

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