Bing Ads Updating User Interface To Make Bulk Analysis And Changes Easier

Recent updates to Bing Ads means advertisers can now see and amend location target settings in bulk and get more detailed reporting from the Dimensions tab.

bing ads

Bing ads are updating the user interface to make it easier for advertisers to analyse and adjust campaigns.

The first change is making it easier to adjust location target settings, including bid adjustments, in bulk across several campaigns. Before the update, to view location target performance and make changes, users had to run a geographic report from the Reports section. Now, a “Location” button has been added in the Settings tab, to show the targets set in several campaigns in one place.

The second change includes updates to the Dimensions tab. Bing has included more metrics within the Dimensions reports, including information such as age, gender, time quarter, geographic, ad spend and revenue.

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