Bing Announce New Feature For Bing Shopping Campaigns


Bing Ads have added four new columns in the Product Groups reporting grid.

Recent developments in Bing Ads have introduced four new features designed to make advertisers lives a lot easier.

bing shopping campaigns

The update starts with improvements to the Products Submitted column, which now displays the number of products that were uploaded to Bing Merchant Center. Of those uploaded, the Products Ready to Serve column has been updated to display how many products were processed error-free and eligible for bidding. This makes it easier for advertisers to easily identify what is working well and what could be performing better.

In addition, the % Products Targeted column now displays the percentage of total products submitted that are being bid on in the product group. This clearly indicates to the advertiser how competitive each product is, highlighting which need more or less attention.

The final development means the Products Targeted column now features how many products are being bid on in each product group.

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