Bing Announce New Features To Automated Imports

There have been several updates to the automated imports feature within Bing Ads that save time and improve performance.

bing ads

Last year Bing introduced automated imports, allowing advertisers to schedule syncs from Google AdWords into Bing Ads. This update meant less time was spent duplicating campaign changes across different search engines, giving more focus towards delivering more on Bing.

Most recently, Bing has updated this feature, providing advanced import options and new features. Following the improvements you can now import from Google AdWords:

  • 10 thousand Campaigns
  • 1 million Ad Groups
  • 5 million keywords
  • 4 million ads
  • 2 million ad group-level and campaign-level negative keywords combined
  • 2 million ad group product partitions
  • 200,000 all other entities combined
  • 500,000 targets

In addition to these, you can now import new items such as age and gender targeting, and negative keyword lists.

Automated imports have already brought many benefits to advertisers, but these new updates ensure greater parity with Google and efficient use of time.

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