Bing Launch ‘Ads by Bing’ Pilot

Bing has launched a pilot programme within Bing Ads to improve campaign performance by automatically creating variations of existing ads.

Ads By Bing

Automation has become an integral part of online advertising, therefore it is no surprise that Bing has introduced another new tool to capitalise on this trend.

Last year, Google launched a pilot named ‘Ads Added by AdWords’, now referred to as ‘Ad Suggestions’, in which the search engine creates different variations of existing ads. Bing has followed in their footsteps, introducing their rival product named ‘Ads by Bing’.

During this pilot, Bing makes use of machine learning and account data to create ads based on existing ads and landing pages. Once the search engine has devised new ads, they are added to your account under the label ‘Ads by Bing’ and an email is sent informing you that the ads are about to be added.

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