Bing Launch Dynamic Search Ads


Bing have introduced dynamic search ads to create ads and target search out of existing website content.

Bing Thumbnail

Bing dynamic search ads use content from advertisers websites to automatically create target searches and create ads. This content can derive from the website as a whole or from a specific page of the website.

This provides a real opportunity for advertisers who have a substantial amount of constantly changing content. It means companies save time by not having to create multiple ad versions.

When creating a dynamic ad target, advertisers can select:

  • Target categories of web pages
  • Target all web pages
  • Target specific web pages

As a good starting point, advertisers could select ‘all pages’, however, as campaigns progress and grow, the opportunity to build out additional targets for pages presents itself. Interestingly, this feature allows advertisers to target pages by content, allowing them to prioritise targets by assigning higher bids.

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