Bing Product Ads Set To Include Multiple Images


Bing has announced a new feature that allows advertisers to create product ads with up to 11 images.

Previously, only one image could be associated with a product ad. Now marketers can include up to 10 additional images per product listing. For this new feature to work, advertisers must first upload additional images in their product offer feeds.

Bing Product ad example

Bing explains that “additional images can appear to potential customers in ads and are commonly used to show a product from different angles.” Although this development provides advertisers with new opportunities, it is not guaranteed all 10 images will be shown each time the ad is. Instead, the number of images shown is determined by the actions of the individual searcher.

How can you make the most of this new feature?
This feature may not be here yet, but it is coming soon and there is nothing to stop advertisers getting ahead by setting their ads up straight away. You can start by specifying the additional images in the product feed, with a list of comma-separated URLs.

There are a few requirements the additional images must meet in order to be added:
– No watermarks
– Image size cannot exceed 3.9MB
– The Format must be gif, exif, jpg, png, tiff or bmp
– No free shipping text
– Recommended minimum size is 220 pixels by 220 pixels


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