New Automated Ad Extension Trialled Within Google Ads

Google has started to test displaying the figure for weekly site visits in an automated ad extension. If you’re already using Google Ads, you’ll probably know that the search engine has a number of automated extensions that can be displayed in Search Ads, include features such as call extensions, seller ratings, and dynamic site links, etc. This new extension that is currently being tested is designed to highlight a site’s […]

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We Are Mabo – 14/06/19

Your #WeAreMabo round up is here – Have a read through and see what team Mabo have been up to this week. We keep on growing! Hannah Brogan joined team Mabo as our finance assistant this week – Welcome Hannah.   On Tuesday Middlesbrough College held their MC Digital Expo event and three members of team Mabo went along. The future is looking great for digital talent in Middlesbrough!   […]

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Campaign-Level Conversion Actions Now Available For Search and Display Campaigns

Campaign-level conversion action settings are now available for Google Search and Display campaigns. Google also revealed that this conversion setting will also be supported for video campaigns towards the end of the year. Before this update, conversion action settings applied to an entire account. Although you were able to segment by conversion type at the campaign level, all conversions were totaled up in the ‘Conversions’ column. Previously, you weren’t able […]

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Five Reasons Why You Should Review Your Google Ads Account

  Do you find yourself receiving a lot of calls regarding a review on your Google Ads account and wonder what benefits you would see? Reviews can actually be key to achieving the best performance you’ve seen, and here are just five of the reasons why: Reason One – Every minute counts. Wouldn’t it be great to have an extra few hours in the day? Google Ads can be pretty […]

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We Are Mabo – 07/06/19

Welcome to Junes first #WeAreMabo – find what team Mabo have been up to this week. First up, after Toms departure last week we are pleased to welcome Daisy to team Mabo as our new graphic designer. Our Marketing Director James Lees was invited to speak at the Manchester Magento Meet Up – Discussing the importance of agencies and how they can add value to your business. A brilliant event. […]

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Eau de Tool Shed, Gluing Kids Teeth & Transformative Energy Drinks

I swear the titles of these STQR blogs get more and more messed up every month. Here’s a selection of the most weird and wonderful searches found across the Mabo client list in May. ———— Whether you think this is genius or idiotic, you’ve got to appreciate the complexity of the search, and equally the results wanted from it. The search term comes from the events and parties industry, so […]

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Why Smart Shopping Campaigns Are Like Driverless Cars

In 2017, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said Google were an “AI first company”. Fast forward to May 2019 and he announced “We are moving from a company that helps you find answers to a company that helps you get things done” following this by saying “We want our products to work harder for you in the context of your job, your home and your life.“ Ultimately, technology should enhance customer […]

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We Are Mabo – 31/05/19

It’s been another short, but busy week here at Mabo – so here’s your weekly #wearemabo round up (p.s no birthdays this week!): So not strictly Mabo news, but something a few of us were lucky enough to be apart of… Radio 1’s Big Weekend! Mabo’s home town of Middlesbrough was host to one of the biggest festivals of the summer. The festival which ran over the bank holiday weekend […]

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First Glimpse Of New Look For Mobile Search Results

This week, Google launched a rebrand for how Search results would appear on mobile, including a change for both text ads and organic listings. For text ads, the black label has officially arrived. A few weeks ago we noticed the search engine testing a more subtle approach, moving away from the green rectangle to a plain, black, borderless label. The label is now appears adjacent to the display URL which […]

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