Google Targeting Accounts That Aren’t Using Automated Bidding

Over the past few weeks, Google Ads have been contacting the owners of accounts that haven’t switched to and started using Google’s automated bidding strategies. It’s worth noting, that even if your Google Ads account is managed externally by an agency, Google will directly contact the owner of the account, potentially worrying clients. In the email, Google refers to the agency as ‘they’ and includes the statement “they have denied […]

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We Are Mabo – 09/08/19

It’s been a very busy week here at Mabo, we have had lots going on! Find out whats, what in this weeks #WeAreMabo Mabo birthdays are back in full swing this week! We’ve had 3 birthdays to celebrate (well, technically 2 as we celebrated one a month early…but more cake, so never mind!) Happy Birthday Glen, Katherine and happy early birthday Michael. We’ve had some very exciting award news this week, […]

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New Account Map Introduced To Google Ads

Google Ads has introduced a brand new tool designed to help advertisers managing multiple accounts in their Google Ads manager account. This new tool displays a map of all the accounts and sub-accounts within your manager account, making it extremely easy to view connections and navigate between different accounts. These ‘account maps’ also display the performance of each account by displaying metrics such as clicks, impressions, cost, and conversions.

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Google Extend Same-Meaning Close Variants

In Google’s latest update, they announced that they would be relaxing the rules on close variants. Now, the search engine has extended same-meaning close variants to both phrase match and broad match modifier. Google has also decided to alter its keyword selection preferences in order to prevent particular keywords from competing against each other. As a result of the recent evolution of machine learning, our search engines are now able […]

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We Are Mabo – 02/08/19

Another week and another month has come to a close. Find out below what team Mabo have been up to this week! #WeAreMabo On Sunday Mabo were invited to MFC Foundations new strategy launch. We work closely with the foundation, so it’s great to see what their plans are for the future and how we can get involved to be a part of such a local worthy cause. It was […]

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Microsoft Summer Solstice Competition Winners

Last week Mabo were announced winners of the Microsoft Summer Solstice Competition. Mabo scored the most points of all UK partners taking part in the initiative, proving that we are at the top of our game when it comes to Microsoft Advertising (formally known as Bing). The keys to our success included hosting internal training around the core metrics and products opportunities, focusing on DSA, Bing Shopping and Audience Targeting. […]

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Microsoft Advertising Trial A/B Testing Tool

Microsoft Advertising (formerly known as Bing Ads) have started to trial a new tool that allows users to A/B test their advertising.  This experiment will be globally available, and allow advertisers to test ad copy, landing pages, bidding strategies and modifiers. For advertisers, this ability to experiment within Microsoft Advertising allows you to work out which combinations of features work best to deliver the most profitable results. Microsoft explain that […]

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We Are Mabo – 26/07/19

Team Mabo are just about coping in this heat, but we are still busy at work in the office. See what we have been up to in this weeks #WeAreMabo… It’s been mentioned before how in sync we are here at Mabo, but this week Dean and Matty went one step further and matched a whole outfit….what are the chances of two people having that same shirt!?! Last week a […]

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5 Tips And Tricks For Showcase Shopping Ads

Showcase shopping ads are a newer ad format from Google that helps potential customers decide where to buy when they search for broad search terms like “Women’s Athletic Clothing” or “Kitchen Furniture”.  These are my top 5 tips and tricks to get the most from this Google shopping feature: Don’t be generic, create ads to meet your own business goals, from impression share to conversions they are completely customisable to […]

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