Updates To The Bing Ads Mobile App

  The Bing Ads mobile app now allows users to quickly navigate between accounts, add funds and view actionable insights. Last Thursday, Bing Ads revealed a new update to their mobile app. In addition to the older features, the app now supports multi-user access and the ability to add fund for prepaid accounts. For advertisers looking after several accounts under one email, you are now able to easily switch between […]

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New Targeting Setting For Bing Ads

  Bing Ads now have improved targeting settings and dimensions tab. Last week Bing revealed new enhancements to the targeting settings and dimensions tab available in Bing Ads. In particular, the updates now allow you to manage your targeting in bulk and display your performance metrics inline through new ad schedule targeting, location targeting, and device targeting settings. For targeting, you can now view performance and make changes in the […]

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New AdWords Tools To Test And Measure YouTube Video Ads

  Within YouTube’s new creative suite, advertisers will soon have AdWords tools to test and measure the creative elements of YouTube video ads. At the Cannes Lions Festival last week, Google announced that they are introducing new AdWords tools to allow YouTube advertisers to measure and test the creative aspects of their video ads. These changes will be active within the newly launched YouTube creative suite and include four new […]

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Google Set To Remove AdWords Interface On 10th July

  Several Google AdWords advertisers are receiving notices that the old AdWords interface will be entirely unreachable beginning on 10th July 2018. Over two years ago, Google announced that there would soon be a new AdWords interface. Last year, the new interface became available to all advertisers, giving users time to adapt to the changes. Some Google AdWords advertisers have received notification that the old AdWords interface will be completely […]

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Google Announced New Shopping Features At SMX Advanced

At SMX Advanced, Google revealed new features for retail advertisers including a new local inventory ad unit and product pricing benchmarks. During a keynote discussion at SMX Advanced last Thursday, Google announced several new advertising features for retailers and brand manufacturers. The features include; local selling, price comparisons and an update for Google Shopping Actions. Local Selling Google has introduced affiliate location extensions in Search and Display campaigns, meaning ad […]

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Google Ad Settings Updated Allowing Users To Turn Off Targeting Signals

  Google has updated ‘Ad Settings’ to provide users with more options for ad personalisation. Google has updated its Ad Settings features to provide users with more options for ad personalisation. In addition, Google is also extending ‘Why this ad?’ notices to all services that display Google Ads, encompassing the following; YouTube, Gmail, Google Play, Maps, and partner websites and apps. The changes mean that users can now turn off […]

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Google Ad Grants Agency Pilot Program Update

  Recent announcements from Google reveal plans for a future Google Grants Program. In recent months, Google has been working alongside a number of advertising agencies that focus most of their efforts towards working with non-profit organisations and the Google Grants program. The Google Grants Program provides some of these organisations with a generous advertising budget every month. There are specific agencies whose main focus is ensuring non-profit organisations remain […]

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Bing Ads Updating User Interface To Make Bulk Analysis And Changes Easier

Recent updates to Bing Ads means advertisers can now see and amend location target settings in bulk and get more detailed reporting from the Dimensions tab. Bing ads are updating the user interface to make it easier for advertisers to analyse and adjust campaigns. The first change is making it easier to adjust location target settings, including bid adjustments, in bulk across several campaigns. Before the update, to view location […]

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Bing Ads Improve Custom Audiences Targeting

LiveRamp integrates with Bing Ads to bring its search targeting features to the search engine. Bing Ads has joined forces with LiveRamp to deliver improved search targeting features for advertisers. LiveRamp is a provider of identity resolution services, meaning advertisers using Bing can utilise “people-based search capabilities” within Bing Custom Audiences. This integration now allows Bing Ads Custom Audiences to target and retarget search ads at an individual level. For […]

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