Google Lowers Seller Ratings Threshold To 100 Reviews

Google revealed that their Seller Rating threshold will be lowered from 150 to 100 for stars to display in Google ads. In October, we can expect the threshold to be lowered to 100 verified reviews. To qualify, Google has introduced new requirements of: A rating above 3.5 stars. 100 verified reviews per country over the course of 12 months. For businesses and advertisers, this means it only takes 100 verified […]

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Google Showcase Shopping Ads Now Display Video

Google has expanded video capabilities for advertisers across Google. Now, advertisers are able to include videos in Showcase Shopping ads. Showcase Shopping ads have been around for a while now, and display a multi-image Shopping format that when clicked, directs the customer to a Google-hosted landing page that displays products and descriptions from the advertisers feed. This format is most commonly displayed when users enter broad search term queries. Within […]

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Important Updates To Google’s New Responsive Display Ads

Google’s latest update to Responsive Display Ads now lets advertisers upload 15 images, 5 headlines and more. Google is introducing a new ad type named ‘responsive display ads’ that are set to become the new default ad type for the Google Display Network. These new responsive display ads will allow advertisers to upload up to 15 images, 5 headlines, 5 descriptions and 5 logos. Google will then make use of […]

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Google Introduce Aggregate Landing Page To Display Dynamic Search Ad Performance

There are now three reports available for dynamic ad targets in the Google Ads interface, one of which is the Landing Page report. The landing page report now aggregates page performance between all search terms that triggered it. This report can be found under the Search Terms tab within the dynamic ad target section in the Dynamic Search Ads campaigns. Advertisers are now able to easily view the best and […]

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Google Ads Limit Third-Party Technical Support Providers

Google’s latest announcement means that ads from third-party technical supporters will be restricted due to a rise in misleading ad experiences. Recently, Google has updated it’s advertising policies to restrict ads from third-party tech support providers. To implement this update, Google will introduce a “verification program” designed to validate and assess the legitimacy of the technical support providers. Full details as to how the verification program will work have not […]

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Bing Ads Update Overview Tab and Report Downloads

Bing Ads has launched a number of updates and improvements in order to help advertisers save time. The latest updates to Bing Ads allow advertisers to get a faster look at performance insights; such updates include improvements to the Overview tab and report downloading. Updates within the Overview tab include the addition of new tiles and also several existing tiles being updated. This includes: Keyword Tile: Assesses and monitors the […]

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Google Ads Improve Exact Match Targeting

Google Ads has improved its exact match targeting capabilities to include keywords that have the same meaning. Google has introduced this update in the new Google Ads experience to ease the advertising process for users. We saw a similar update previously in 2017, when Google adjusted their exact match type algorithm to include ‘other stuff’ – full details of which can be found here. However, most recently, Exact Match involved […]

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Mabo’s Next Web Developer

We have an exciting opportunity for a talented developer to join our thriving Research and Development Team here at Mabo. Your Future Job Role: You will be joining the Development Team at Mabo in its infancy, meaning you will be able to lay the foundations and shape the department as the business grows. You will be part of the team responsible for creating automation tools and web-based software, primarily using […]

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The Great Google Conference Of The North

On Thursday 6th September, Google and Mabo joined forces to bring thriving businesses across the North East, The Great Google Conference Of The North. This was our biggest event to date and what a success it was. Our doors opened at the Northern Design Centre in Gateshead to welcome 50+ ambitious business men and women looking to grow their business using Google Ads. Over the course of the morning we […]

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