How To Overcome The New Apple Tracking Prevention

Apple have released intelligent tracking prevention on their Safari browser, that to date, only impacted a small proportion of data from being tracked and reported correctly through Google Analytics and via Google Ads conversion tracking. Most recently, Apple have launched Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.0 that will be rolled out with the release of Safari 12. This means that any Google Ads/ Google Analytics account still using older versions of the […]

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National Tell A Joke Day

Today, on the 16th August 2018, we are celebrating National Tell A Joke Day. As our HQ is full of jokers, we asked some of our team to share with you their best one-liners to celebrate this nationally-recognised day… Knock Knock. Who’s there? No one because my average ad position is 6.9 – JonI checked into my hotel yesterday evening, and was given the key to room number 404. I […]

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Google Signals Now Available In Google Ads

Following the latest update to Google Ads, there is a new feature named Google Signals. Google Signals allow advertisers monitor and track users across devices – given that they are signed into their Google account. This is extremely advantageous for Google Ads advertisers as it helps identify how customers are connecting and understand consumer movement between devices, browsers and apps. In addition Google Signals also provide you with more thorough […]

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Optimisation Score Now Available In Google Ads

Advertisers are now able to view an Optimisation Score in Google Ads. Google Ads advertisers are now able to maximise account potential by being able to view their Optimisation Score. This new score is ranked between 0-100, with 100% indicating that your account is performing at maximum potential. Your Optimisation Score takes into account the following features: Ads and Ad Extensions Keywords and Targeting Bids and Budgets Google has explained […]

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Google Introduce Third Headline And Increase Description Character Allowance

Google’s latest update means advertisers can now add a third headline to any text ads. Google are now letting advertisers add one additional headline and description to their text ads. This means all text ads can now have up to a maximum of thee headlines and two descriptions. In addition to this, Google has also increased the character number of a description to 90. For advertisers, this means both text […]

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Chart Time Comparison Data Now Available In Google Ads

Google has announced that advertisers can now compare data across several factors. Google revealed this week that advertisers can now compare data across multiple factors within Google Ads Report Editor. This means results and data can be compared against date ranges and displayed in a chart and graph. For advertisers, this means they can visually analyse performance and compare results between certain date ranges. Do you feel you miss the […]

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How To Get The Most Out of The New Google Ads Interface

  Okay, so maybe it hasn’t, but there’s a new kid on the block where advertising with Google is concerned and that new kid is the new user interface (NUI). As a Google Premier Partner we’ve had BETA access to the new Google Ads experience for over a year now, and we’re not going to pretend that it was plain sailing the whole time, ‘cos it wasn’t. Like any BETA, […]

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Google Removing The Option To Exclude Mobile Apps From Display Campaigns

Google’s latest updates means advertisers are now unable to use or other controls to prevent mobile display ads showing on apps. In Google’s quest to simplify Google Display Network ads, the search engine has changed targeting and exclusion controls for mobile devices. Google has explained that this will make it easier to reach the growing base of mobile users. Typically, advertisers preferred way of removing ads from mobile apps […]

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Multi-factor Authentication Now Available For All Google Ads Account Admins

Google’s latest update means account admins are now able to implement multi-factor authentication. Due to the nature of Google Ads, most accounts have several users able to log in at any given time. Ultimately, this new update has been introduced to allow for greater security amongst account users. Those with administrative-access to Google Ads accounts are now able to impose an authentication process for all users with access to the […]

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