Old AdWords Interface Will Be Phased Out By 2019

  Google has confirmed that AdWords will be fully converted to the new experience by the end of 2018. The new design allows for streamlined reports and the ability to create campaigns based on business goals. It provides a faster and more intuitive experience, centralised around helping advertisers achieve results. It is worth noting however that not all features will be transferred from the old version. Google has improved the […]

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New Google Shopping Campaign Type

  Google combines shopping and dynamic remarketing in their new goal-optimised shopping campaign type. This week, Google announced that machine learning has come to Shopping Campaigns, with the introduction of a new Shopping campaign subtype, that is ‘goal-optimised’. These new campaigns utilise machine learning with the aim of automatically optimising ad delivery to achieve the advertisers defined conversion goal. Google explains that the new system will evaluate all available signals […]

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Google Launch AdWords Editor 12.3

AdWords editor also now supports custom intent audiences, more robust filtering and responsive search ads. Google has released the latest version of AdWords Editor that includes several new features, including, the ability to download search terms reports, more robust filtering options, account-level extension associations and more. Most significantly, the new feature supports account-level extension associations, interest categories for Search and Shopping campaigns, custom intent audiences and TrueView for action campaigns. […]

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Amazon Has Stopped Bidding On Product Listing Ads

  Reports indicate that Shopping Campaigns on Amazon slowed after the end of Q1 and stopped abruptly on April 28th.   After a year and a half of running Google Shopping campaigns, Amazon has finally decided to stop bidding on product listing ads. Digital marketing business, Merkle, reports that Amazon’s shopping campaigns had started to deteriorate towards the end of Q1. From then, the campaigns completely disappeared on the 28th […]

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Google AdWords New Responsive Search Ads Can Show 3 Headlines

  Google introduced a new ad format that dynamically combines an advertiser’s headlines and descriptions. The new feature allows advertisers to set up one ad with multiple headlines and several descriptions. Google will then start testing different combinations to identify the combination deemed most likely to achieve the advertiser’s stated goal. The ads can be seen as part of the continuation to let machine learning models do the work of […]

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Google Remarketing Statistics

  It’s important to know the benefits of Google Remarketing and its importance to AdWords advertisers. Find out about the potential of Google Remarketing with these statistics: Do you feel like your advertising could benefit from Remarketing? If so, then complete the contact form below and a member of our team will be in touch to see how Mabo could grow your online sales through the power of Remarketing.

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Google Trial One Line Brief AdWords Ads

  Google is testing a new format for Google AdWords on mobile. The ads show a box of ads that display “Ads: More For [Your Query]”, followed by an icon and the URL of the advertiser’s designated site. This differs as there is no ad title, description or ad extensions, just the icon and the URL. Here’s what they look like: There is a lot of speculation about the effectiveness […]

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Google Trial Local Search Ads in AdWords

  Phrase-free AdWords campaigns are here with the introduction of Local Search Ads. What is it? Google is experimenting with new AdWords campaigns named “Local Search Ads”. Here, Google uses Google My Business (GMB) data such as the address and location categories instead of keywords to trigger relevant local results. Only selected advertisers are able to run these campaigns, and those who are not able to see this feature cannot […]

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Google Introduce New YouTube Opportunities

  Within YouTube, Google has introduced a new set of opportunities that are helping advertisers find and connect with their audience in the era of convergence. Advertisers are always looking for new ways to connect and engage with their audience. With the rising importance of video, Google has introduced a new set of opportunities within YouTube designed to help brands reach core audiences across content and devices. 1 – YouTube […]

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