Bing Suggest Updating Final Ad URLs To HTTPS

Following the Chrome update this month, Bing recommend advertisers to change their final ad URLs to HTTPS. Google has started marketing HTTP URLs as insecure in the Chrome web browser. This update means Bing have suggested that advertisers update their final ad URLs to HTTPS.   To save time, there are three options for bulk updating URL’s: 1 – Bing Ads Editor 2 – Bing Ads API 3 – The […]

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5 New Automated Features Of Google Ads

The new updates within Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, allow advertisers to further improve results.     Google has introduced new automated features that deliver improved results whilst requiring less work and maintenance. The first update, named ‘Smart Campaigns’, is designed to bring advertisers dramatically better results. They have been purposefully designed to be the default campaign type for new advertisers. They are almost entirely automated based on the […]

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Bing Launch AI Powered Automated Extensions

Bing has launched automated extensions that are entirely powered by artificial intelligence. This new feature allows Bing to analyse huge amounts of data and discover new, more effective ways to ‘supplement your text ads with extensions’. For advertisers, this update enhances visibility and improves performance, with no physical action required.   Currently, automated extensions support the following formats: Automated Location Extensions Consumer Ratings Dynamic Ad Enhancements Dynamic Callouts Dynamic Partner […]

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New Features Added To Google AdWords Overview Page

Google announced that two new cards are now available on the Google AdWords overview page. Two new cards have been introduced to the AdWords overview page; the new words card and ad group shift insight card. The new words card displays to advertisers any new words people used whilst searching for and finding their ads. This insight will indicate to advertisers any new keywords or negative keywords they might want […]

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The First Solution Released Under The Google Ads Brand

Google introduces Smart Campaigns designed specifically for small businesses. The first new solution launched under Google’s new ‘Google Ads’ brand has been launched. Smart Campaigns are designed purposefully for small businesses without dedicated marketing facilities and staff. Google explains that Smart Campaigns will be the default campaign type for new advertisers in Google Ads. They are almost entirely automated based on the advertiser’s goal, encompassing every feature such as campaign […]

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Huge Change In How Google Analytics Now Tracks Your Websites Visitors

How GDPR and The ePrivacy Directive Affect AdWords & Analytics Tracking Most internet users will now be aware of the implications regarding spam emails, selling identifiable data, marketing to you without permission etc. GDPR has been widely publicised and whilst no-one seems to know the exact ‘black and white’ of GDPR compliance there is another piece of legislation to consider. The ePrivacy Directive. Between GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive (not […]

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Google Rebrand Advertising Offerings

The Google adtech suite has undergone a complete rebrand, meaning AdWords and DoubleClick cease to exist…. … but don’t worry, it’s just rebrand. After 18 and 22 years, Google has retired the AdWords and DoubleClick brands. The products have now been rebranded, upgraded and categorised into three primary brands: Google Ads. Google Marketing Platform. Google Ad Manager. Google understand that so much has changed since the initial evolution of AdWords, […]

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Updates To The Bing Ads Mobile App

  The Bing Ads mobile app now allows users to quickly navigate between accounts, add funds and view actionable insights. Last Thursday, Bing Ads revealed a new update to their mobile app. In addition to the older features, the app now supports multi-user access and the ability to add fund for prepaid accounts. For advertisers looking after several accounts under one email, you are now able to easily switch between […]

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New Targeting Setting For Bing Ads

  Bing Ads now have improved targeting settings and dimensions tab. Last week Bing revealed new enhancements to the targeting settings and dimensions tab available in Bing Ads. In particular, the updates now allow you to manage your targeting in bulk and display your performance metrics inline through new ad schedule targeting, location targeting, and device targeting settings. For targeting, you can now view performance and make changes in the […]

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