Bing Merchant Center Introduce Google Merchant Center Import Tool

  Bing Ads now allow advertisers to easily import Product Ads from Google AdWords. Last week, Bing has launched the ability to import product feeds from Google Merchant Center to Bing Merchant Center. This is facilitated by the Google Merchant Center import tool, that allows the product offer to be transferred to the Bing Merchant Center. This update will save advertisers time, as it minimises the need to maintain two […]

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Bing Launch ‘Ads by Bing’ Pilot

Bing has launched a pilot programme within Bing Ads to improve campaign performance by automatically creating variations of existing ads. Automation has become an integral part of online advertising, therefore it is no surprise that Bing has introduced another new tool to capitalise on this trend. Last year, Google launched a pilot named ‘Ads Added by AdWords’, now referred to as ‘Ad Suggestions’, in which the search engine creates different […]

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Bing Ads to Target LinkedIn Audiences

Bing Ads are planning to introduce a new functionality that allows advertisers to target their ads to LinkedIn audiences. The option to target LinkedIn audiences will be exclusive to Bing Ads, as it is currently unavailable within Google AdWords. Now that Microsoft owns LinkedIn, it’s unlikely that Google will ever be in a position to offer a similar feature. LinkedIn is renowned for its advertising limitations, particularly for small businesses. […]

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Google Launch AdWords Notes

  AdWords notes have been introduced meaning advertisers can easily add notes about changes, testing details and so much more in the most recent AdWords interface. In March, Google announced that notes were coming to the new AdWords interface. The new feature has officially arrived as is now available within the latest update. The notes feature is available at the account, campaign and ad group levels. Similarly to Google Analytics, […]

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Google Launch AdWords add-on for Google Sheets

Google has introduced an add-on that allows advertisers to import AdWords data for analysis and reporting in Google Sheets. Once the add-on is installed and connected to your AdWords account, you are able to select the metrics columns you want to analyse, set filters and report time frame, and name the report from a sidebar in the Report Configuration tab. The data will be available in a new tab with […]

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Bing Announce New Features To Automated Imports

There have been several updates to the automated imports feature within Bing Ads that save time and improve performance. Last year Bing introduced automated imports, allowing advertisers to schedule syncs from Google AdWords into Bing Ads. This update meant less time was spent duplicating campaign changes across different search engines, giving more focus towards delivering more on Bing. Most recently, Bing has updated this feature, providing advanced import options and […]

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Bing Ads Launch In-Market Audiences

  After being in pilot for several months, Bing has finally made the decision to introduce In-market Audiences to all US advertisers using Bing Ads. Last Tuesday, bing announced that In-Market Audiences were to be available in the US, after piloting the feature last year. In-Market Audiences are groups of users determined to be actively in the market for a particular product or service. There are over 170 audiences determined […]

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Google Marketing Live 2018 With Mabo

On the 10th July, we are hosting the 2018 Google Marketing Live keynote session in real-time. This is a huge event that brings together leading digital marketers from around the world and positively contributes towards shaping the future of digital marketing. The event will kick off with a live stream from Google before handing over to us, Europe’s best small PPC agency, to help you get started. The keynote session […]

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Nominated By Our Clients As One Of The Best Search Agencies At The RAR Digital Awards

Being recognised as the Best Small PPC Agency in Europe was a huge achievement for us. Since then, we have been building on our success to become the BEST and biggest PPC agency. We may be one step closer to our latest award nomination at the Recommended Agency Register (RAR) Digital Awards. The Recommended Agency Register (RAR) exists to help brands choose agencies, based on ratings. The RAR database contains […]

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