Google Launch Reach Planner for YouTube In AdWords

  Google has introduced a new tool designed to suggest ad format variations and provide reach estimates. The new Reach Planner provides advertisers with a handy planning tool for all video campaigns. The development is designed to help advertisers forecast both the reach and frequency of video campaigns across YouTube and other video partners within the Google Display Network. The Reach Planner provides individual product mix suggestions, with the intention […]

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Google AdWords replace Opportunities tab with Recommendations Page

  In the new AdWords experience, the Opportunities tab has been revamped and labelled as the Recommendations page. This development means the page now has 16 new recommendations, a faster load time and implements machine learning technology to help you act on insights, save time and boost campaign performance. The aim is to ease the AdWords process for advertisers and to optimise their campaigns and improve performance.   What does […]

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Bing Announce New Feature For Bing Shopping Campaigns

  Bing Ads have added four new columns in the Product Groups reporting grid. Recent developments in Bing Ads have introduced four new features designed to make advertisers lives a lot easier. The update starts with improvements to the Products Submitted column, which now displays the number of products that were uploaded to Bing Merchant Center. Of those uploaded, the Products Ready to Serve column has been updated to display […]

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Bing Product Ads Set To Include Multiple Images

  Bing has announced a new feature that allows advertisers to create product ads with up to 11 images. Previously, only one image could be associated with a product ad. Now marketers can include up to 10 additional images per product listing. For this new feature to work, advertisers must first upload additional images in their product offer feeds. Bing explains that “additional images can appear to potential customers in […]

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Google Launch New Shopping Actions Programme

  Google Shopping Actions are a new advertising feature designed to help customers shop effortlessly, whilst encouraging loyalty and engagement. Google Shopping Actions mean the transaction is now handled by Google, rather than by the referral of the user to our own websites where the transaction typically takes place. At the minute, Shopping Actions are most often associated with the Google Express platform, but it’s actually available in a lot […]

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Bing Ads Editor Introduces Support For Account Level Ad Extensions

  Bing now allows users to manage account level ad extension associations from Bing Ads Editor. In September 2017, Bing Ads launched account level ad extensions, allowing advertisers to add extensions across campaigns within their account. Bing have now announced a new feature that supports managing account level ad extensions from Bing Ads Editor. Bing have started by offering the ability to specifically manage Callout Extensions. This means advertisers are […]

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Bing Ads Announce Price Extensions

  Bing has introduced a new feature that allows advertisers to add price extensions to mobile and desktop search ads. This year Bing have been focused on creating new opportunities for advertisers with their new Ad Extensions available on both Desktop and Mobile. To complement this, Bing have launched a new feature that now allows users to add price extensions to search ads. Price extensions are a version of a […]

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Google’s New Keyword Planner Tool

  The new keyword planner tool has been introduced by Google to improve advertisers Google AdWords experience. Recently, Google introduced the new, redesigned keyword planner tool implemented into the new Google AdWords experience. Now, the keyword planner has been entirely redesigned and is now available in the new AdWords Experience. The update has been simplified and improved with the addition of new features to help advertisers get the most out […]

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All you need to know about new Adhesion Ads

  Ever since display advertising became mainstream in pay-per-click advertising there have been a range of different advertising units introduced, the latest is known as the adhesion advert. Adhesion adverts are the latest ad unit to be introduced to pay-per-click. The adhesion adverts are ads located towards the bottom of a web browser. They are ‘sticky’ ads, meaning the advert is visible and anchored at the bottom of the screen, […]

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