Bing Introduce Local Inventory Ads

  Bing have introduced local inventory ads as a new format in the Bing Shopping Campaigns.   This new feature allows advertisers to promote products and encourage retail store visits to local, nearby shoppers. Local inventory opens up the opportunity to increase sales in retail stores by driving foot traffic with local product information. The new features also help to boost traffic volume by including a physical location within the […]

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Could Mabo be the King of the North? – Shortlisted for this year’s Prolific North Awards

  We have been shortlisted for not one, but two awards at the 2018 Prolific North Awards! Mabo are up for SEO & PPC Agency and Digital Agency. The awards ceremony will be held on the 24th May, taking place at The Principal in Manchester. The event celebrates industry excellence whilst recognizing and rewarding outstanding campaigns and exceptional talent in the creative and media industries across the North. Over the […]

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Why Last Click Is Dead

  The simple answer is because AdWords conversions shouldn’t be attributed as simple as an assist in a game of football. Sure, it was Juan Mata’s corner that allowed Didier Drogba to score that headed equaliser for Chelsea in the Champions League final in 2012, but what about Fernando Torres who won the corner? What about the players involved in the passage of play leading up to that? Did Chelsea […]

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Google Trial New Shopping Ad Carousels

  In a new test, Google is now displaying two Shopping Ad Carousels on mobile search results. The test includes Google’s Showcase Shopping Ads and traditional product listing ads as one result. This means Google is running two individual carousels stacked on top of each other and a carousel of standard product listing ads appears at the top of the mobile search result. Underneath, there’s a carousel of showcase shopping […]

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Google Launch Reach Planner for YouTube In AdWords

  Google has introduced a new tool designed to suggest ad format variations and provide reach estimates. The new Reach Planner provides advertisers with a handy planning tool for all video campaigns. The development is designed to help advertisers forecast both the reach and frequency of video campaigns across YouTube and other video partners within the Google Display Network. The Reach Planner provides individual product mix suggestions, with the intention […]

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Google AdWords replace Opportunities tab with Recommendations Page

  In the new AdWords experience, the Opportunities tab has been revamped and labelled as the Recommendations page. This development means the page now has 16 new recommendations, a faster load time and implements machine learning technology to help you act on insights, save time and boost campaign performance. The aim is to ease the AdWords process for advertisers and to optimise their campaigns and improve performance.   What does […]

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Bing Announce New Feature For Bing Shopping Campaigns

  Bing Ads have added four new columns in the Product Groups reporting grid. Recent developments in Bing Ads have introduced four new features designed to make advertisers lives a lot easier. The update starts with improvements to the Products Submitted column, which now displays the number of products that were uploaded to Bing Merchant Center. Of those uploaded, the Products Ready to Serve column has been updated to display […]

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Bing Product Ads Set To Include Multiple Images

  Bing has announced a new feature that allows advertisers to create product ads with up to 11 images. Previously, only one image could be associated with a product ad. Now marketers can include up to 10 additional images per product listing. For this new feature to work, advertisers must first upload additional images in their product offer feeds. Bing explains that “additional images can appear to potential customers in […]

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Google Launch New Shopping Actions Programme

  Google Shopping Actions are a new advertising feature designed to help customers shop effortlessly, whilst encouraging loyalty and engagement. Google Shopping Actions mean the transaction is now handled by Google, rather than by the referral of the user to our own websites where the transaction typically takes place. At the minute, Shopping Actions are most often associated with the Google Express platform, but it’s actually available in a lot […]

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