The Advantages Of Dynamic Search Ads In Google AdWords.

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) offer better chances of valuable traffic, incremental reach, revenue and an overall better understanding of your customers’ behaviour.  This is all achieved by Dynamic search ads making sure your relevant user queries are covered. Dynamic search ads are easy to set up for your webpage, continuously advertise shifting product inventory and deep hidden content from within your website. Dynamic Search uses advertisers’ websites to target their […]

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Top 5 Tips For Having Your AdWords Advertising Ready For The New Year

Ok I get it…it’s not even December yet. We’re all thinking about Christmas and how best to make an impact in our respective industries, but New Year is looming and failing to plan is planning to fail, or something along those lines. Once Christmas is done and we’re all a little fatter, lighter in the pocket and smell a bit too much of ‘Lynx Africa’ for our own liking, it’ll […]

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Kelkoo Appearing In Google Shopping Results

As some of you may well recall, Google were rumoured to be separating its shopping results after the £2.14bn fine they received in June from the EU. European regulators claimed that Google was artificially and illegally promoting its own price comparison service in searches, denying rival firms the ability to compete on a level playing field. This now means that third party price comparison and shopping websites can now display […]

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Bing Ads Management From Mabo – Bring Bing Into Your Paid Search Strategy For 2018

  You may well be feeling the shock of realising 2018 is upon us when you read the title for this post. 2017 has been another fantastic year for our clients and we are hoping to have an even better 2018. With this in mind we want our clients to put some serious thought into advertising through Bing Ads, Bing’s version of Google AdWords. Bing launched their partner programme in […]

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Mabo have been shortlisted for a UK Search Award

Huge moment in the life of Mabo. We have been shortlisted for an award at this years UK Search Awards! We have been shortlisted for the “Best Small PPC Agency” award. This award is to highlight the best agency with under 25 members of staff. Due to the fantastic growth we have had over our four years in operation, this is probably the last year we could qualify for this […]

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Google Announcement: AdWords Campaigns Can Now Spend Up To 2x Your Daily Budget

Big news broke this month from the world of Google AdWords when Google announced that your AdWords campaigns can now spend up to two times more than their set daily budget on days with “lots of high quality traffic”. This is a change you can not opt out of and it will take place automatically with no warning. This  sounds like a grim scenario but there is no need to […]

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Google Reportedly Separating Its Shopping Service After EU Antitrust Fine

  Following on from Mabo’s recent blog post detailing recent changes to Google shopping this week, more changes are on the horizon as Google is forced to take action in response to an EU Antitrust Order. In June of this year, Google was hit with a record £2.14 billion fine for “abusing its dominance of the search engine market.” Specifically, this related to the way in which Google runs its […]

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Get Your AdWords Advertising Ready For The Christmas Period

The busiest time of the year for most online retailers is nearly upon us, Christmas. For a lot of businesses this twelve week period eclipses the previous nine months of the year. More and more UK consumers are choosing to do their Christmas shopping early. Also and more importantly, they are choosing to go online rather than go to the high street. In fact the British retail consortium reported that […]

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We Spy A New Google Shopping Product Ranking System

Recently Google has implemented a numerical ranking system into Google Shopping results if the words ‘top’ or ‘best’ are used in customer search queries. While there has been no official word from Google on how the new product rankings are decided just yet, there are a few factors we can see which are are potentially at play here. Similar to how search ads are ranked by quality score, made up […]

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