Nice while it lasted. Google scrap the test of second description in search ads

The additional line of advertising copy is no longer going to be displayed in Google’s search results. Earlier in 2017, Google decided to start a test allowing their AdWords advertisers to add an extra line of text to their expanded text ads. Google allowed advertisers to add an extra 80 characters to their ad copy to help increase relevant click throughs. Google are now winding down this test and have […]

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Will Google’s Troll-Fighting AI Affect AdWords?

Introducing ‘Perspective’ Earlier this year Google developed a piece of code that is waging war against internet trolls. Perspective, the name for this program is a joint effort between Jigsaw (a Google offshoot company) & Google’s counter abuse technology team. This API has now been opened up for anyone to use which is where we may see some wider reaching effects, specifically within search… How Could It Affect AdWords? Perspective […]

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Mabo Visits Google’s Automation Expert’s

Earlier this month I visited Google’s shiny new offices at Kings Cross, London. The purpose of this visit – to keep Mabo ahead of the tech curve in PPC. Whilst we often preach the importance of a manual approach to AdWords account management  it is foolish to shun automation. Afterall, it’s the future and if you are repeating a task multiple times it’s usually worth automating it. If you’re wondering […]

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The Different Keyword Match Types Available To Google AdWords Advertisers.

Google’s Adwords service helps you optimise how a search query finds your adverts. It does this by offering keyword match types. Depending on what you are wanting to achieve, it is best that you know what type of keyword match type would work best for you and your advertising goals. If you want search queries to be simple or more specific, Google adwords gives you that option with its four […]

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The importance of mobile site performance for PPC advertising

Having a good mobile site means there is a lot of opportunity for more conversions, better customer satisfaction and higher PPC ratings; this is because of the increase of mobile usage in recent years. Making sure your mobile site performance is looked at seriously will help you take advantage of the increasing number of searches on mobile. Mobile has grown The amount of Google searches in the current decade have […]

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What is mobile traffic really made of?

First of all… we did it! We successfully completed Google’s mobile vanguard program 🙂 To keep it short and sweet the intention of the program was to push mobile, to pioneer the drive forward and as the title suggests, become a vanguard. Obviously, as results driven PPC specialists, we have to see good performance and return from that push. With it’s entire emphasis on mobile performance, we thought it would […]

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An exceptional day for and in the life of Lee Mableson…

Mabo were recently chosen as one of 5 agencies from all Google Partner agencies in the UK (proud moment) to participate in Google’s latest initiative, the Google Mobile Vanguard program. The program is a closed invitation only program ran by Google, it was designed by them to accelerate mobile knowledge of top performing premier google partners. Why choose the best? Google want advertisers to succeed online, if they do, they […]

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The Joys Of Being A PPC Account Manager – Does Your Account Manager Really Care?

Every job has it’s difficulties. Being an account manager for one of the top 1% of Google Partner agencies in the UK is no different. There’s a hell of a lot of technical knowledge needed to navigate AdWords and turn an account around, and once it’s turned around there’s a lot of continued optimisation needed to keep it heading in the right direction. However, I think I can speak on […]

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