Microsoft Summer Solstice Competition Winners

Last week Mabo were announced winners of the Microsoft Summer Solstice Competition. Mabo scored the most points of all UK partners taking part in the initiative, proving that we are at the top of our game when it comes to Microsoft Advertising (formally known as Bing). The keys to our success included hosting internal training around the core metrics and products opportunities, focusing on DSA, Bing Shopping and Audience Targeting. […]

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Microsoft Advertising Trial A/B Testing Tool

Microsoft Advertising (formerly known as Bing Ads) have started to trial a new tool that allows users to A/B test their advertising.  This experiment will be globally available, and allow advertisers to test ad copy, landing pages, bidding strategies and modifiers. For advertisers, this ability to experiment within Microsoft Advertising allows you to work out which combinations of features work best to deliver the most profitable results. Microsoft explain that […]

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We Are Mabo – 26/07/19

Team Mabo are just about coping in this heat, but we are still busy at work in the office. See what we have been up to in this weeks #WeAreMabo… It’s been mentioned before how in sync we are here at Mabo, but this week Dean and Matty went one step further and matched a whole outfit….what are the chances of two people having that same shirt!?! Last week a […]

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5 Tips And Tricks For Showcase Shopping Ads

Showcase shopping ads are a newer ad format from Google that helps potential customers decide where to buy when they search for broad search terms like “Women’s Athletic Clothing” or “Kitchen Furniture”.  These are my top 5 tips and tricks to get the most from this Google shopping feature: Don’t be generic, create ads to meet your own business goals, from impression share to conversions they are completely customisable to […]

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What are Showcase Shopping Ads and how can they Help You

What Are Showcase Shopping Ads? These ads help potential customers decide where to buy when they search for more general top of the funnel search terms like “Women’s Athletic Clothing” or “Kitchen Furniture” whilst exploring brand and products. Showcase Shopping Ads are a different format from the traditional Product ads (Shopping Ads) that allow you to feature product images and group together a selection of related products and present them […]

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How To Grow A Small Google Ads Account

You’re likely here because you’ve read the title of this piece and thought, “Hmm, I’ve got a small to medium-sized Google Ads account; some of this might be relevant to me” and so decided to check it out. I had this idea to write some simple tips down, letting existing advertisers on Google know some basic steps to expanding their account. It turns out those tips developed into the 1171 […]

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We Are Mabo – 19/07/19

A lot has been happening with team Mabo this week, check out what we’ve been up to below, in this weeks #wearemabo. A couple of weeks ago Mabo were announced winners of Microsofts Summer Solstice Competition! We had targets set and goals to complete and we met them with flying colours; And our reward… a Summer party pack from Microsoft (formally known as Bing) complete with Xbox, Games and booze. […]

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Microsoft Advertising Introduce Ad Customisers

Microsoft Advertising announced that ad customisers would be globally available to all advertisers. This means advertisers are now able to create customised feeds in the user interface or import them directly from their Google Ads account. This feature has been available within Google Ads for a few years now and essentially allows advertisers to dynamically tailor their ad copy based on specific attributes defined within a certain feed. Ultimately, this […]

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Microsoft Advertising Introduce Position Based Impression Share Metrics

Formerly known as Bing Ads, Microsoft Advertising has followed in Google’s footsteps and added the position-based impression share metrics. However, unlike Google, Microsoft will be keeping average position reporting. Six new performance stats are now available at the campaign, ad group, and keyword levels including metrics such as: Top impression share. Top impression share lost to rank. Top impression share lost to budget. Absolute top impression share. Absolute top impression […]

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