Will Mabo be European Search awards winners for a second year running?

We are once again very excited to be shortlisted at The European Search Awards 2019. The European Search Awards is an international competition that celebrates the very best in SEO, PPC, Digital and Content Marketing in Europe. Last year we were the proud winners of Best Small PPC Agency in Europe. This was a huge achievement for us but unfortunately, as Mabo has grown we are unable to defend our […]

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We Are Mabo – 26/04/19

#WeAreMabo is back, another Friday another update. We hope you’ve all have a lovely Easter break. Even though it’s been a short week we have had lots going on. Our office star baker Caroline kindly brought us in a delicious selection of cakes to welcome us all back after our long weekend – Can every week start this way? Thank you Caroline! We really don’t need an excuse to have […]

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Five Things We Love About Google Ads Editor 1.0

Whenever anything new is introduced, there’s always opposition. “I don’t like change”, followed by “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” is usually the way new product launches go; you only have to look at the reaction the new Google Ads interface received when it was phased in to see that new products aren’t always loved and accepted in the way the developers would like! (I was one of those […]

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New Plans to Monetize Google Assistant

Over the past few months Google has expressed more and more interest in monetizing Google Assistant, Google Home. Here’s some of the features that have started to emerge… Google Assistant Ads Earlier this year, Google began testing ads in Assistant results on smartphones. Then, earlier this month, Google announced that ads would be officially available in Google Assistant results. YouTube Music Audio Ads  Google also revealed that anybody with access […]

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We Are Mabo – 19/04/19

Happy Easter Bank Holiday Weekend – Our 4 day week has still been a busy one, check out your Friday #wearemabo round up… We have another sporting champion on the team here at Mabo – One of our newest members Holly represented Teesside last weekend and was crowned absolute NoGi winner in Wolverhamton. Well Done Holly! In the office, we started off the week with an interesting visit from Google. […]

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Bing Ads Take Over Yahoo and AOL Ads

Earlier this year, Bing Ads announced that they would be taking over Yahoo and AOL search ads sometime in 2019, making Yahoo Gemini redundant. At the start of the Month, Bing Ads announced that Yahoo search traffic would now be exclusively served by Bing Ads. This means that soon, Bing Ads, Yahoo and AOL will be collectively accessible within Bing Ads and will all be managed within one platform. What […]

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We Are Mabo – 12/04/19

Your Friday #WeAreMabo weekly round up is here – Lots going on as usual, so… Another staff birthday in the office, this week for Sam, hope you enjoyed your day and celebrate this weekend! Just like last week the office is slowly taking shape, we have new furniture and flooring in our quiet room – soon to be ready for our account managers to take some timeout if needed. As […]

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Google Assistant Results Now Include Ads

This week Google revealed that Google Assistant results will now have Search Ads included within them. After testing the idea earlier this year, Google has decided to make ads within Assistant results a permanent feature. The search engine explains that “When relevant, these results may include the existing ads that you’d see on Search today.” As if that update wasn’t enough, Google announced that they have updated how search results […]

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Bing Ads New Ad Extension: What It Is And How To Implement It

Bing Ads has launched a brand new ad extension, named Action Extensions. This new feature has been designed to allow advertisers to make use of CTA buttons within text ads. Last year, Bing began testing these Action Extensions and results indicated that advertisers benefited from around a 20% increase in click through rate. From this success Bing has made the decision to make this feature available globally. These Action Extensions […]

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