Bringing Team Mabo Together – Virtually.

Missing your colleagues? Here at Mabo, we feel your pain.

It has been nearly a year since Boris announced if you can work from home, do it. At Mabo, our team were prepped with everything they needed, to continue supplying an award-winning excellent service to our clients.

There are many things we miss about not being in the office, those regular catch-ups in the staff room, running into your work bestie in the lift and of course, being persuaded to get a cheeky parmo on your lunch break.

Therefore to take away a small bit of the strain our team decided to get FIKA involved.

Every week our team will receive another team member’s name, selected at random, alongside a fun topic. This week’s topic was about cartoon characters. Both team members choose a time which suits them during the week and schedule 20 minutes or so for a good old chinwag…

There is no doubt working from home is hard and is putting a strain on a lot of people, therefore at Mabo, we aim to bring our team together in every way possible in order to keep spirits alive until we can, in fact, enjoy a cheeky parmo together!