Buy On Google Goes Commission-Free, Will Enable Checkout Via PayPal, Shopify!

Wow, wow, wow, Google is surprising us again!! Firstly, merchants around the world were surprised when Google opened the Shopping tab in its search results to FREE product listings. Yes, FREE!!

But NOW they have gone that one step further with the second biggest shake-up for Google’s commerce efforts this year. Drum roll please…. Commission-free access to buy on Google (YES, FREE, AGAIN!!) Another bonus is, third parties will also be integrated with, making it easier for merchants to streamline order management and payments. 

Now, why have Google let us have access to this wonderful feature I hear you say? & what are the benefits for you? Well, by having Google Shopping & Buy on Google, checkout-free this will make it much more accessible to a wider range of sellers than other marketplaces. Many other platforms charge an increasing amount of commission up to 15%, so by adding this feature, Google is saving us loadssss!!

Sounding too good to be true? Well, let me hit you with some more facts… Google is also betting that more sellers, products & an easier checkout will make Google a vital product search destination for more users. Plus, more control of purchasing through the option of Shopify & Paypal!! For Shopify merchants, this means inventory & order management from Google orders can flow directly through Shopify.

Want one more fact about this AMAZING new feature? Ok… 

In the current climate, there is a lot of support required for small businesses. Google will also add a small business filter to the shopping tab making discovery easier & adding more features to make digital commerce onboarding easier for these businesses!!!!

Google have been very busy and have even enabled integration with Google Merchant Center and Paypal in May. This means, if a retailer wants to sell directly on Google, they can get started even faster than normal and continue using the tools and services that already work for their business (perfection)

Now, this amazing feature will be available in the U.S first, with availability in international markets coming later this year. Free listings on Shopping are expected to be available in all applicable markets by the end of this year.

We are excited!!! To read the full post from Google please see HERE. Want to know more about how our team can help you? Contact us NOW.