Campaign-Level Conversion Actions Now Available For Search and Display Campaigns

Campaign-level conversion action settings are now available for Google Search and Display campaigns. Google also revealed that this conversion setting will also be supported for video campaigns towards the end of the year.

Before this update, conversion action settings applied to an entire account. Although you were able to segment by conversion type at the campaign level, all conversions were totaled up in the ‘Conversions’ column. Previously, you weren’t able to choose which conversion actions to optimise against at the campaign level. This restriction forced a lot of companies to set up separate accounts to apply budgets and optimise campaigns to separate conversion goals.

Following this new update, advertisers are now able to select which conversion actions to include within the “Conversions” column at the campaign level. Although a seemingly small alteration, this now enables advertisers to analyse and optimise the performance of campaigns based on the most relevant conversion action types.

The search engine explains that this feature should be used when your campaigns are “aiming to capture different conversion types. If you have proper values set up for different conversion types that are valuable to your business across all campaigns in your account, you should simply use Target ROAS.”