Cart Metrics Introduced For Google Shopping Campaigns

Advertisers running Google Ads Shopping Campaigns will now be able to view insightful metrics within the User Interface. Google has introduced this new feature to give advertisers a better indication of which products / brands are generating the most revenue.

Cart Metrics Introduced For Google Shopping Campaigns

Data that will be available includes:

  • Orders: Sales attributed to ad clicks.
  • Average cart size: Sum of items in-cart divided by number of orders.
  • Average order value: Revenue from clicks on ads divided by the number of orders attributed to ad clicks.
  • Cost of goods sold (COGS): Total business costs attributed to a product.
  • Revenue: Income from transactions attributed to ad clicks. Calculated as the sum price of items in a cart attributed to an ad click.
  • Gross profit: Total profit from transactions attributed to an ad click. Calculated as Revenue minus COGS.

This update has come at the perfect time for Google Ads advertisers. With Black Friday, Christmas and New Year sales just around the corner, advertisers will be able to see which products are the most profitable, which campaigns are the most effective and therefore optimise their account accordingly.

In addition to this, you’ll also be able to view even more information about products purchased from Shopping Campaigns with even more metrics added. These include:

  • Units sold: Total number of sales of a product.
  • Product revenue: Total income from a product.
  • Product gross profit: Total profit from a product.
  • Product average COGS: Business costs attributed to the product divided by the number of products sold, and weighted by product impressions.