Google Ads Now Include Holiday Rental Filters

Google first began testing holiday rental filters within Hotel Search back in 2017, and now they have decided to make this a permanent feature. In addition to offering standard hotel accommodations, users are now going to be able to browse through short-term holiday rentals on Google Hotel Search. At the moment this feature is only available on mobile but it will be coming to desktop over the next month or […]

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Google Ads Introduce New Features For Keyword Planner

This week Google revealed that several new features would be available within Keyword Planner. 1. The first update means advertisers are ow able to ad up to 10 seed keywords when you choose the “Find new keywords” option. 2. In addition, advertisers can now find Grouped Keywords within the “Grouped Ideas” menu, and you can now choose to add all or only some of the keywords in a grouped idea […]

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Google Ads Now Recommend Which Columns to Add to Reports

Google Ads announced the introduction of a new “recommended columns” feature. This has been designed to highlight the columns of data that are worth advertisers paying attention to. They will be recommended to users based on the individuals campaign and account settings, so when the advertiser makes a change, the column recommendations will be amended accordingly.  For advertisers, this means users will now have a choice when it comes to […]

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Google Ads Improve Assistance With Ad Disapprovals

Google Ads has launched a new and improved solution designed to help advertisers when their ads are removed for policy violations. The search engine has introduced a “Policy Manager” to keep users up to date with regards to ad disapprovals. The Policy Manager will give advertisers a central hub in which they are able to analyse and act upon policy restrictions of ads, keywords and ad extensions. Within this, Google […]

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Google Ads Introduce Budget Planner Forecasting Tool

Google has launched a new Budget Planner tool for Google Ads campaigns. This new feature is available under the Tools menu within the Google Ads interface. As it’s quite a new feature, not all advertisers will see it within their accounts. You are able to create a budget plan based on either clicks or conversions as a key metric. From here, there is also the option to select targets such […]

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Google Ads Set To Phase Out Average Position 

Google revealed that in September this year they will be removing one of Google Ads oldest metrics, average position. Average position was designed to indicate to advertisers how their ad typically ranks against other ads. It has now been replaced by two key metrics that were introduced in November last year. Towards the end of 2018, Google introduced, Impression % (Absolute Top) and Impression % (Top). Google acknowledge that it […]

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Update To Google Call Only Ads

Google has upgraded call-only ads to give advertisers the opportunity to add up to two 30-character headlines and more text in the description, increasing the capacity from 80 characters to 90. In a recent statement, the search engine explain  that “people often prefer to talk to a business before buying a product or service. Call-only ads allow people to call you from mobile search results to quickly get the answers […]

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Google Announce 3 New Features For Responsive Display Ads

Google Announce 3 New Features For Responsive Display Ads The search engine has released three new features designed specifically to improve functionality and reporting capabilities for responsive display ads in particular. 1- Combinations Report The “Combinations Report” is a new feature launched within Google Ads and has been designed to give advertisers insight into the overall performance of creative asset combinations. The report is split into different sections determined by […]

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Google Trial Ads In Assistant Results

Google Assistant has become increasingly popular over the last 12 months. This continues growth would capitalise on the opportunities posed by Google Assistant, and therefore it comes as no surprise that the search engine are trialling the delivery of ads in Google Assistant results. Several advertisers have argued that Google Assistant could destroy traditional search results. Google Assistant is now being used on over 1 billion devices, and we are […]

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Google Delay Parallel Tracking for Display and Video Campaigns

Later last year, Google revealed that parallel tracking would become available to Display and Video campaigns in March this year. The search engine have now announced that this expansion will be delayed by two months, and the features will not be available until May. Google explain that this will give advertisers a little more time to adjust before parallel tracking becomes compulsory for all display and video campaigns at the […]

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