Advertisers Are Now Able To Classify Calls From Location Extensions As Conversions

Any calls made as a result of Google Ads location extensions can now be classed as conversions. This update will be available to advertisers as of this week given that account-level reporting is enabled. Users will have the option to amend and alter the default setting to any length of time. Essentially this means a conversion could be from the second the call is answered by altering the default value […]

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How A PPC Management Agency Can Help SMEs

With Small Business Saturday just around the corner, Team Mabo have been thinking of ways in which we can relevantly support small businesses. From that, we thought we’d take this opportunity to do our bit and share with you some of the ways a PPC Management Agency could help a small business… 1 – ROI Driven Service Our service is centralised around return on investment (ROI) for our clients. This […]

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Google Introduce New ‘Target Impression Share’

The search engine has introduced a new Smart Bidding strategy in order to maximise reach and awareness. This new Smart Bidding strategy, ‘Target Impression Share’ has been introduced for advertisers who are looking to maximise reach from their paid search campaigns. With target impression share bidding, Google will automatically set bids to achieve the advertisers’ goal. There are three placement options for this strategy: Absolute top of the page (position […]

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Google Display Number Of Bookings Through Local Services Ads

The most recent test in Google Ads shows the number of bookings that have been made through local services ads. Google appears to be displaying the number of bookings that occurred via local services ads directly within Google Ads. Although this has not been revealed as a permanent feature, displaying the number of bookings could be very beneficial to advertisers. Users being able to see these results openly on Google will […]

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Bing Ads Now Support Longer Text Ads

In the latest Bing Ads Update, advertisers can now include a 3rd headline and 2nd description in text ads. Bing Ads ads now support a third headline and second description, meaning advertisers can now import their longer ads from Google Ads or create new ones in Bing Ads. Within this format, the ad copy appears in the order that you write the headlines and descriptions. The headlines can be up […]

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Google Ads Launch Unique Black Friday Ad Format

Google Ads has introduced a new ad format, designed specifically for promoting Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. This new ad format allows advertisers to offer a Black Friday promotion extension that only targets specific keywords. The keywords included are: Black Friday < Product Name > Deals Black Friday < Company Name > Deals Black Friday Deals The same applies to the above when ‘Black Friday’ is replaced with ‘Cyber […]

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New Bing Ads Competition Tab

Bing Ads has introduced a new Competition Tab that now offers insights recommendations. Bing Ads has introduced a new Competition Tab within the web interface. This update offers several new ways for advertisers to view their audience insights as well as offering machine learning-powered recommendations. There are two main features within this update: Recommendations and Audience Insights. 1 – Recommendations Within the Recommendations section of Bing Ads, the interface now […]

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Changes To Google Seller Ratings Eligibility Requirements

Advertisers must now have 100 reviews per country to be eligible for Seller Rating. In September this year, Google began informing advertisers that Seller Ratings would soon be counted and displayed at country level by the start of October. As you are probably aware, Seller Ratings are the little stars that are shown next to ads on the Google Search Network. Advertisers can easily set these up by adding the […]

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Google Trial YouTube Movie Trailer Videos In Ads

Google has started displaying videos in a carousel ad unit within Google Search. The carousel displays movie trailers hosted on YouTube in a carousel. The ad features a thumbnail image from the trailer with the length of the video, the name of the movie and its release date. At the moment, Google are just trialing this feature. In a recent press release, their spokesperson revealed that, “We’re always testing new […]

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What Are Google Smart Campaigns?

Smart Campaigns are extremely easy to launch, automated campaigns that make use of machine learning technology. In essence, this means that you don’t have to control: Instead, Google makes those decisions for you. Since Smart Campaigns are mostly automated, the biggest benefit to using them is that they allow small business owners to reap the benefits of Google Ads, without having to have extensive knowledge and available time to manage […]

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