Update To Analytics In Google Manufacturer Centre

Google has introduced a number of new metrics and insights available within the Manufacturer Centre. These new metrics and insights include top search terms, top price changes, top trending products, and top MSRP gaps. For users, these new insights allow you to identify which competing products and brands show alongside yours most frequently, providing you with the data to analyse price and performance trends. Google appears to be increasing the importance […]

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3 New Features For Google Ads Display Campaigns

Earlier this week Google revealed three new features designed to help Google Ads advertisers reach new customers. The first update includes fine-tuned audience expansion. Here, advertisers can use this targeting expansion option to maximise audience reach in order to “drive more conversions a the same average cost-per-acquisition”. In addition to this, Google announced the introduction of dynamic prospecting with product feeds. Instead of displaying product ads based on what visitors […]

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Google Launch New Conversion-Based Bidding Option

The search engine has introduced a new conversion-based bidding option for display campaigns named ‘Pay for conversions’. This means advertisers will only be charged when users actually convert from the ads, as opposed to being charged based on clicks or impressions. Pay for conversions makes use of the same bidding algorithm as click-based payment, meaning you’ll never pay more than your target cost per action. For advertisers, the goal here […]

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Google Introduce Call-To-Action Extension For Video Ads

In early 2019, Google Ads are introducing a new CTA extension in place of the current overlay that is available now. Advertisers will be able to add this extension to TrueView in-stream ads, Bumper ads, and TrueView video discovery ads. When advertisers main goal is to drive awareness or increase consideration, as opposed to clicks and conversions, then this new extension will be ideal for them. Here is an example […]

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Your New Year PPC Survival Guide

I get it, you don’t really want to be thinking about New Year and going back to work before you’ve finished work for Christmas, but, it’s a must if you’re going to start the year as you (hopefully) end it. So let’s go; below are the the key considerations for not only surviving, but smashing your New Year PPC. Budget & Bids Unfortunately, there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ […]

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Advertisers Are Now Able To Classify Calls From Location Extensions As Conversions

Any calls made as a result of Google Ads location extensions can now be classed as conversions. This update will be available to advertisers as of this week given that account-level reporting is enabled. Users will have the option to amend and alter the default setting to any length of time. Essentially this means a conversion could be from the second the call is answered by altering the default value […]

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How A PPC Management Agency Can Help SMEs

With Small Business Saturday just around the corner, Team Mabo have been thinking of ways in which we can relevantly support small businesses. From that, we thought we’d take this opportunity to do our bit and share with you some of the ways a PPC Management Agency could help a small business… 1 – ROI Driven Service Our service is centralised around return on investment (ROI) for our clients. This […]

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Google Introduce New ‘Target Impression Share’

The search engine has introduced a new Smart Bidding strategy in order to maximise reach and awareness. This new Smart Bidding strategy, ‘Target Impression Share’ has been introduced for advertisers who are looking to maximise reach from their paid search campaigns. With target impression share bidding, Google will automatically set bids to achieve the advertisers’ goal. There are three placement options for this strategy: Absolute top of the page (position […]

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Google Display Number Of Bookings Through Local Services Ads

The most recent test in Google Ads shows the number of bookings that have been made through local services ads. Google appears to be displaying the number of bookings that occurred via local services ads directly within Google Ads. Although this has not been revealed as a permanent feature, displaying the number of bookings could be very beneficial to advertisers. Users being able to see these results openly on Google will […]

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Bing Ads Now Support Longer Text Ads

In the latest Bing Ads Update, advertisers can now include a 3rd headline and 2nd description in text ads. Bing Ads ads now support a third headline and second description, meaning advertisers can now import their longer ads from Google Ads or create new ones in Bing Ads. Within this format, the ad copy appears in the order that you write the headlines and descriptions. The headlines can be up […]

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