Google Ads Limit Third-Party Technical Support Providers

Google’s latest announcement means that ads from third-party technical supporters will be restricted due to a rise in misleading ad experiences. Recently, Google has updated it’s advertising policies to restrict ads from third-party tech support providers. To implement this update, Google will introduce a “verification program” designed to validate and assess the legitimacy of the technical support providers. Full details as to how the verification program will work have not […]

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Bing Ads Update Overview Tab and Report Downloads

Bing Ads has launched a number of updates and improvements in order to help advertisers save time. The latest updates to Bing Ads allow advertisers to get a faster look at performance insights; such updates include improvements to the Overview tab and report downloading. Updates within the Overview tab include the addition of new tiles and also several existing tiles being updated. This includes: Keyword Tile: Assesses and monitors the […]

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Google Ads Improve Exact Match Targeting

Google Ads has improved its exact match targeting capabilities to include keywords that have the same meaning. Google has introduced this update in the new Google Ads experience to ease the advertising process for users. We saw a similar update previously in 2017, when Google adjusted their exact match type algorithm to include ‘other stuff’ – full details of which can be found here. However, most recently, Exact Match involved […]

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Google Introduce “See More” Button On Shopping Ads

Google has introduced a “see more” button to their Google Ads. The search engines latest update has brought the introduction of a new “see more” button, that when selected, it takes the searcher to more Google Shopping products. Traditionally, beneath Shopping Ads, Google has displayed a “Quick View” button, however, their recent updates now show “See More” with an eye icon beside it. Do you feel you miss the latest […]

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Google Ads Overview Page Now Allowing Quick Edits

Advertisers are now able to make edits to ad campaigns, bids, and keywords directly from the Google Ads Overview page. Last Wednesday, Google revealed that editing capabilities would now be available on the Google Ads Overview page. This update is designed to make it easier for advertisers to identify areas for improvement and make changes as these opportunities arise. From the Overview page, advertisers can now: Edit ad copy. Edit […]

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Google Introduce Ad Strength Indicator For Responsive Search Ads

Due to the lack of reporting available in Google Ads, the search engine has introduced ‘ad strength’ rating, that is now visible for advertisers creating responsive search ads. This Monday, Google revealed their latest updates to help advertisers effectively manage responsive search ads. The updates include the introduction of an ‘Ad Strength Indicator’, designed to measure the relevance, diversity and quantity of the ad copy in responsive search ads. This […]

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Google Signals Now Available In Google Ads

Following the latest update to Google Ads, there is a new feature named Google Signals. Google Signals allow advertisers monitor and track users across devices – given that they are signed into their Google account. This is extremely advantageous for Google Ads advertisers as it helps identify how customers are connecting and understand consumer movement between devices, browsers and apps. In addition Google Signals also provide you with more thorough […]

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Optimisation Score Now Available In Google Ads

Advertisers are now able to view an Optimisation Score in Google Ads. Google Ads advertisers are now able to maximise account potential by being able to view their Optimisation Score. This new score is ranked between 0-100, with 100% indicating that your account is performing at maximum potential. Your Optimisation Score takes into account the following features: Ads and Ad Extensions Keywords and Targeting Bids and Budgets Google has explained […]

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Google Introduce Third Headline And Increase Description Character Allowance

Google’s latest update means advertisers can now add a third headline to any text ads. Google are now letting advertisers add one additional headline and description to their text ads. This means all text ads can now have up to a maximum of thee headlines and two descriptions. In addition to this, Google has also increased the character number of a description to 90. For advertisers, this means both text […]

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Chart Time Comparison Data Now Available In Google Ads

Google has announced that advertisers can now compare data across several factors. Google revealed this week that advertisers can now compare data across multiple factors within Google Ads Report Editor. This means results and data can be compared against date ranges and displayed in a chart and graph. For advertisers, this means they can visually analyse performance and compare results between certain date ranges. Do you feel you miss the […]

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