Bing Ads Rebrand To Microsoft Advertising

Following a series of new updates and features, Microsoft announced that Bing Ads has been officially rebranded as Microsoft Advertising. What was initially known as Microsoft AdCentre, changed to Bing Ads, and has now been rebranded for the second time to Microsoft Advertising. For advertisers, the rebrand shares a new found focus on personalisation and artificial intelligence. We can expect the search engine to start introducing “more advertising products with […]

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Bing Ads Take Over Yahoo and AOL Ads

Earlier this year, Bing Ads announced that they would be taking over Yahoo and AOL search ads sometime in 2019, making Yahoo Gemini redundant. At the start of the Month, Bing Ads announced that Yahoo search traffic would now be exclusively served by Bing Ads. This means that soon, Bing Ads, Yahoo and AOL will be collectively accessible within Bing Ads and will all be managed within one platform. What […]

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Bing Ads New Ad Extension: What It Is And How To Implement It

Bing Ads has launched a brand new ad extension, named Action Extensions. This new feature has been designed to allow advertisers to make use of CTA buttons within text ads. Last year, Bing began testing these Action Extensions and results indicated that advertisers benefited from around a 20% increase in click through rate. From this success Bing has made the decision to make this feature available globally. These Action Extensions […]

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Bing Ads Increase Availability of Custom Audiences

Almost two years ago, Bing Ads started trialling Custom Audiences. This week the search engine announced that this feature would be made generally available within all Bing Ads markets, minus some exceptions. For advertisers, Custom Audiences allow you to remarket to your existing customers. From here, you’re able to create customised messages for each customer segment, so this could include audiences such as high lifetime value customers or loyalty members […]

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Bing Ads Editor Improve Imports From Google Ads

Bing Ads Editor has improved the way Google Ads import within the interface. The updates focus on improving the reliability and speed of the process, ultimately easing the process for advertisers using both platforms. The first update gives advertisers the opportunity to skip local uploads. You are now able to import Google ads campaigns directly to the Bing Ads interface. Before this update, advertisers first had to upload campaigns to […]

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Bing Ads Have Now Made Maximise Clicks Available Globally

Bing Ads has introduced Maximise Clicks to to all accounts globally. This strategy was first introduced in 2017 and was designed to automatically set bids to increase click volume. It works by automatically setting and adjusting bids to get the most clicks for the advertisers daily budget. Although this is an automated strategy, advertisers do have some element of control. So, firstly if there are high performing keywords or ad […]

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Bing Ads Search Terms Reporting Now Displays Shopping Campaigns

On Monday, Bing Ads updated the reporting grid and announced that it will now include an Added/Excluded keywords column. This improved reporting grid now incorporates a campaign type column within the ‘All Campaigns Keywords’ tab, where advertisers can now choose either shopping or search. In addition to this, Bing have also included an Added/ Excluded column, making it easier for advertisers to assess which search terms have already been added as negative […]

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Bing Ads Introduce Multiple Language Targeting

Bing Ads has provided additional guidance for any online advertiser looking to target multilingual users who could be searching in multiple languages. Bing Ads launched multiple language targeting ad campaign level in October this year. As this feature had already been available within Google Ads for quite some time, this update meant language targets could be included when importing Google campaigns into Bing. It is worth noting with this update […]

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Bing Ads Introduce Page Feeds

Bing Ads has introduced page feeds in order to allow for easier and more seamless Dynamic Search Ads Management. Page feeds remove the need for advertisers to create targets for specific URLs in Dynamic Search Ads campaigns. This makes it far easier to set up and manage. In addition, page feeds are also compatible with Google Ads page feeds, meaning advertisers are able to transfer feeds across both platforms. The […]

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Bing Ads AI-Powered Performance Insights Go Global

Bing Ads revealed that Performance Insights would now be available globally. Machine powered learning evaluates both yours and your competitors account performance to detect notable changes in performance. From this data, Bing Ads will then show a lightbulb icon to highlight a performance insight, alongside details of what has happened and the suggested actions advertisers can take. From here, advertisers are able to access more details and review what has […]

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