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How To Increase Brand Awareness Through Digital Marketing Strategies.

(SocialMediaToday, 2020) ran several polls on their newsletter on the topic of marketing goals. The aim of these polls were to find out what businesses would class as their ‘top’ marketing goal. Thinking about yours now? I thought so… “Brand awareness” was a clear winner and consistently came out on top.  Brand awareness is everything and when consumers rely on others opinions before purchase, brand trust is everything. Brand awareness gives […]

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Your Weekly PPC Recap – 14/02/2020

The latest news, features and updates in the world of Pay-Per-Click advertising over the last seven days… All Google Ads Campaign Types Now Switched To Standard Delivery Google has announced all campaigns will be switched to Standard delivery in April 2020. Last September, Google made the decision to remove accelerated delivery for shared budgets and search and shopping campaigns. Now, the search engine will be removing the accelerated option for […]

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Why Are Third Party Reviews Important For Pay Per Click Advertising?

  Are You Using Third Party Reviews? I’ll start by explaining why third party reviews are important in general to any business. How many of us carry out some research and look at different reviews for different products and services? Pretty much all of us, in fact 90% of us read online reviews before making a decision online. If you’re like me and want to be as sure as you […]

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